Cavalia's Odysseo and Behind The Scenes

Last month, Odysseo by Cavalia arrived in Edmonton. Along with fellow blogger Andrea, I was invited to create a very special backstage video, focusing on food, diet and all the logistics that go into putting together this masterpiece of a performance. The original video is featured below and I hope you enjoy it, as it features some unique aspects of the show that are not normally accessible to everyone ....more

Rostizado, Mexican Food and A Recipe for The Rocío Cocktail

The recipe comes first here, of course. The Rocío (meaning 'dew') was the cocktail that welcomed us to the media launch at Rostizado. Me being me, of course, had to be a snoopy McSnoop, and I convinced the lovely bartender to hand over his recipe for this delicious aperol-tequila-camomile-vanilla-prosecco cocktail ....more

Camping Recipes - Paella + A Falcon Enamelware Giveaway

I always look forward to our camping trips in the summer, and this year was no exception. My mum has been visiting from India, and we were definitely looking forward to heading back into Jasper, and I wanted to make sure that mum's first ever camping trip was going to be a success. There is always friendly competition between Jasper and Banff National Parks - I must admit, I am firmly in the Jasper camp (no pun, honest.) I love the weird shapes of the Jasper mountains, and we are almost always guaranteed to see some beautiful wildlife ....more

Spiced Fried Turkey ‘Nuggets’

Turkey thighs lend themselves to an array of dishes, and they are one of my favourite cuts of the bird to use in my everyday cooking. Everyone loves fried chicken, so I decided to make this delicious variation using turkey instead.I added a unique Indian twist by spicing up and frying my nuggets using rice and cornflour instead of regular breading. If you skip the plain flour in the recipe, it works well as a gluten free recipe too ....more

Weekly Meal Plan with Food Bloggers of Canada

I teamed up with Food Bloggers of Canada this week, for a glimpse into my meal planning habits. I am not a planner by nature, and I call myself a European style shopper - I buy groceries as and when I need them, as opposed to a weekly or monthly shop - and with three diets to cater for, life can get hectic. Which is why I welcomed the opportunity to kick back and really think about how I plan my weekly menu, and also give you an insight into my daily life and food habits ....more

Turkey Yakitori

This month's brief from Turkey Farmers of Canada was to create a delicious recipe for the barbeque or grill. Turkey cuts are fantastic for everyday and special grilling, and indeed, one of my first recipes for them was this delicious Tandoori Turkey. I wanted to go a little off beat for this recipe and my inspiration struck when I was chatting with my friend Jamie, also known as Cook With Sumo ....more

Rajmah Chawal, Spiced Cucumber Sticks with Chaat Masala and Avocado Lassi

As you know, I also write and develop recipes over at The Kitchn. I thought I'd share what I've been up to in the last few months. These spiced cucumber sticks are an all time favourite street food in India ....more

Mango Sangria With White Zinfandel and Lychee Liqueur

School's out and I've been enjoying every moment of summer. Last week I made ice cream on live TV. Yes really, and if you don't believe me the proof, they say is in the pudding (ok, ok, that was a bad pun).. ....more

Giveaway - Win Tickets to Cavalia's Odysseo! ((Edmonton and Area Only)

Credits: Pascal Ratthé, reproduced with permission from Cavalia....more

Elderflower and Strawberry Popsicles + Cuisipro Pop Molds Giveaway

The day I discovered elderflower cordial is probably one of the best days of my life. I was at a summer picnic, hosted by one of my professors in his beautiful house in the English countryside. It was a hot, sunny summer day, one of those gorgeous days that, as every Brit knows, come only once in a blue moon ....more