Chicken With Morel and Chanterelle Mushrooms (A Ricardo Recipe)

I love food magazines. I was devastated when I had to leave behind my carefully curated collection back in England when I first moved to Canada, as there simply wasn't enough room to bring them over. I did keep a selection of my favorite Delicious magazines, and a bundle of recipes that I had clipped from others.When I moved to Canada, my first order of business was to resubscribe to a whole bunch of magazines ....more

A Cheesy Affair – The Cheese Grand Prix with Dairy Farmers of Canada (Guest Post by Addie Raghavan)

Last week, you may have seen more than a few wedges of delicious cheese on my social media feeds. I was lucky enough be asked to style the winners of the Canadian Cheese Gran Prix 2015 for a few media events here in Edmonton. After the work was done, the fun began, as my partner-in-cheese-crime, Addie Raghavan and I tasted some of the most incredible cheeses that this country has to offer ....more

Cook Out of the (Gluten Free Pasta) Box with Catelli (Advertorial)

Disclosure: I received compensation in the form of product for this post. This post is an advertorial for Catelli to announce the launch of their public recipe competition. Get Creative and You Could Win With CatelliAnyone who eats a gluten free diet knows what a challenge meals can be ....more

Turkey Waldorf-Style Salad

You know how it all shakes out, right? The day you have a really expensive hair appointment, spend a couple hours in the salon, and step outside, with your pretty, shiny, beautifully blow dried hair.Cue - thunderstorm and hailstone sized raindrops. Sigh! ...more

Tales from India - Memories of Mai

It was mid-morning late in January, just over five years ago. Adz and I were visiting India, before our big move to Canada from England. I was lying on the bed next to my maternal grandmother, Mai ....more

Tales From India - Shivanna's Charmuri Stall, Making New Friends (and a Recipe for Charmuri)

One of my friends recently posted a picture of her baby girl – who just turned six. I left an offhand comment on the post, saying that our children would be teenagers by the time we considered ourselves adult. I then spent a long time thinking about that ....more

The NAIT Chef in Residence Chef Michael Stadtländer (Part 1 - Local, Community, Compassion, Respect)

Chef Michael Stadtländer is an internationally renowned chef, whose Eigensinn Farm dinners are legendary among food lovers. A staunch supporter of the farm-to-fork movement, he was also the driving force behind 'Foodstock', one of Canada's largest culinary protest movements. In an earlier post on farmer John Schneider, I talked about the 'No Farms No Food' organization that mobilized the local agricultural movement against development, so when I heard about Foodstock, it felt like a sign, a theme, if I may call it that, of protest movements based on preserving food and agricultural traditions and making sure that food security continued to be an issue of paramount importance.I was invited to a NAIT Culinary Arts Program lunch featuring the food of Chef Stadtländer, who is the current Hokanson Chef-In-Residence ....more

Savoury, Spicy Indian-Style French Toast

Some of the best times in my life were at JNU or Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi. I was a pretty sheltered kid for most of my life and lived at home when I first went to college. But by the time I'd graduated with my degree, I was ready for adventure, and in that spirit, I applied to go to what is arguably one of the best liberal arts universities in the country ....more

Tales from India: The Fish Market (or, My Dad Thinks I Drive Up the Prices)

My father and I don’t share a lot in common, but what we do share is a love of good food, and a keen eye for a bargain. As a child, I normally accompanied him on his trips to the fishing docks, holding my nose and holding the back of his shirt, observing as he bargained hard for the best fish, vegetables and meat. A year ago, I was back in India for a visit with my family, and I felt like I needed to revisit the docks with dad ....more

Indian Classics - Steamed Nutmeg Flan (Custard)

I am always endlessly fascinated by the synchronicity of food and culture. Take a simple mixture of eggs, milk/ cream and sugar, for example. From Mexico to England to France to Vietnam, there is a version of this dish that takes in the best of what the culture has to offer and turns it into a classic ....more