Guest Blogger: NYC freelancer, Dominique on Creating Moments

This is Dominique's most recent Guest Blogger entry. I wholeheartedly agree with her! To visit her two sites, click on Searching for Freelance Success and Balancing Act Webzine (for women writers) as well as: Mommy Writers (covers every spectrum for writing mothers) ...more

'Noreaster.... Their First REAL Snow - in Mid-October? ...more

I am in SHOCK over this article..... I am absolutely in shock over this article that I read today.  It is about an American woman, Irene Villar, who has had multiple abortions, over 15 of them.  She now has two daughters.  Read this article and justify it.  There is absolutely no justification for her actions. ...more

I was not aware of this until I read your post today. It disgusts me that she is making a ...more

Why Buy the Cow.... or, Giving Girls "the Talk" My grandpa told me in High school Why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free? A reference to where that idiomatic expression comes from is clickable.... OK, so why am I bringing this up? Well, a few weeks ago, I had to give my zillionth "The Talk". ...more

I have been mentoring for decades and take the boys with me.  I work exclusively with ...more

A Manner of Speaking (when they talk, I listen, amazed) Saying thank you is more than good manners. It is good spirituality. Alfred Painter ...more

Don't Stop Believin' - Gleeful! ...more

Cobwebs and Scartissue (Graphic Photo, warning) - How I Became Barren and Battered

“Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams die, Life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly, Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams go, Life is a barren field, Frozen with snow” Langston Hughes This photo was taken today. I have been thinking about the visual aspects of my barren, cobwebbed and scartissued body and I am sure some of you are thinking, "how did she get here?" ...more

Someone Asked Me: How Do You Choose a Preschool (especially with twins)

Wow. Yeah. Before the boys were born I was really interested in a Montessori education. However, now that the boys are HERE, their personalities, and the way they learn, are totally opposite. N is very very focused. He learns by doing. A is highly dis tractable. But he learns so fast, in a snap. He can put two words together and has been doing so since about August. But the highly dis tractable part has me worried that Montessori is not for him. ...more