It’s tea time

Let’s have a cup of tea today, shall we?...more

Should you deny logic?

I’m not so sure that the most important key word here is logic as much as it is COMFORT. Because nice as it is, comfort is a trap. A cushy trap ....more

Why is this?

Transgender individuals are still not permitted to serve in the U.S. military. Why is this? ...more

Throwback to the 1960s

Buick has reinvented itself now, but back in the day, there was no better throwback than a 1960s Buick. Note the gear shift on the steering column. The narrow, uncovered steering wheel and the slim horn ....more

Celebrity dirty laundry

You couldn’t prove this by the TV show, Scandal. This began as a post about film and movies jumping the shark–a term coined years ago to describe the point in the cycle of a TV show where it starts to decline in quality. For example: My dear Shonda Rimes and her team do some fabulous writing on Grey’s Anatomy ....more

No greater privilege

Life is often mysterious, with no rhyme or reason....more

Turning over a new leaf in spring

Spring is here. Ok, well, it’s been here a while (thank you, climate change) and some of the plants are a little confused. Apricots are already coming out on our neighbors’ tree, months early ....more

First world problems

The image is funny, in a twisted way, of course, but I want to talk about the concept of Haves and Have Nots....more

Reflections on Florida

All photos except cypress tree by Bonnie Steward taken in February in the Siesta Key, Fla. area Reflections on Florida, the state in which I became an adult and also grew up. And those were decades apart ....more

An uncommon life

This squirrel has an uncommon life. Definitely. Maybe she was homeless, I thought, as I saw her sitting on the ledge of a building on 5th street near the Caltrain station in San Francisco ....more