When retirement goes bad

This is how most people view retirement: a time to enjoy a more peaceful life, sort of like these ducks floating on a pond in Sonoma, Calif. And yet…. Ok, I’ll just come out with it ....more

Meditation through coloring & zentangle

This beautiful Zendala tangled by Laurel Regan. In the old days it was called doodling, those repetitive patterns we’d make as we sat in boring meetings. Today, though, it’s got a name: Zentangle ....more

How to entertain 1950s-style

My mother was a housewife. The home was her domain for better or worse and by today’s standards, she probably fell short. But as a young married woman, she was quite interested in entertaining properly ....more

Flexing the heart muscle

Sam Berns and his parents. “All in all I don’t waste energy feeling bad for myself, I surround myself with people that I want to be with, and I keep moving forward.” ~Sam Berns I wasn’t even one minute into the HBO documentary,...more

Ghosting: when a relationship just disappears

A recent story in the New York Times talked about ghosting–those times when a relationship ends because one party simply disappears without any notice. Poof! ...more

Don’t do this in Hawaii

Obsessively post beautiful photos to...more

Moving West: Hansel & Gretel’s cottage

Chapter 4 Hansel and Gretel’s Cottage We hit San Jose just past sunset. I was anxious to see my new home. I had accepted the fact that moving back to California would mean significant downsizing, and that I would no longer be able to soak in the huge jacuzzi in my master bathroom or enjoy the vast expanse of our airy Mediterranean home in Tampa ....more

Life is unfair

This is fried macaroni and cheese, an appetizer at an incredible farm-to-table restaurant we went to in Santa Rosa, Calif. ...more

5 ways to make houseguests feel more welcome

When someone comes to visit, I love going the extra mile to make them feel welcome. This past year, sister-in-love did the same thing for us, with all sorts of little touches that made us feel special. We loved...more

Phallic symbols & other San Francisco treats

Wandering around San Francisco one day we saw constant reminders that it...more