Get out there! Or don’t.

Get out there and do this!...more

When apologies are not really apologies

Santa Fe, NM/photo by Carol Cassara Have you ever heard one of those apologies that are really not an apology at all? Like...more

Fear is a formidable opponent

Santa Fe/October 2016 “I no longer pay attention to news about the presidential election,” my husband said the other day, “because there’s not a single thing that’s going to make me vote for Trump. Nothing.” I can’t disagree. My mind is made up, as well and I’m weary of...more

Best gift idea of the year & giveaway

If you’re looking for a special gift for a BFF, mother, sister –for whatever occasion, birthday, holiday, look no further. I have the best...more

Not on the map

It’s not down on any map. True places never are. -Herman Melville Here’s the thing about off-trail ....more

Hearing the music

Shhh…. can you hear it? Today in the Comments, tell us about a...more

Hello darkness, my old friend

Burning Man 2016. Photo credit: Scott Swanson “World-weary,” is how the writer Oriah Mountain Dreamer terms her mood these days, days in which she says that information overload makes her feel as though she knows both too much and too little at the same time. Yes ....more

Finding your life lesson

Photos: Scott Swanson. One of the most beautiful songs of my generation is Cat Stevens’ Father and Son. i had a difficult relationship with my father, especially as an adolescent and so when that song came out in 1970 on his album Tea for the Tillerman, it really struck a chord ....more

Sonoma autumn

Autumn leaves tell us that the year is drawing to a close and like everyone else, I wonder where it’s gone. Fall is my favorite season in just about any part of the country. It’s when the weather is gorgeous and the views even more so ....more