The latest gossip from Passau, Germany

Passau is a charming town in the lower Bavaria part of...more

Waltzing through Vienna

The scale of the old buildings in Vienna is beyond imagination. Well, ok. I’ll admit that I have never really mastered the waltz, so I did no waltzing through Vienna ....more

My judgment at Nuremberg

Graffiti in the ladies’ room of the Documentation Center in Nuremberg. The German government counts 40,000 neo-Nazis in Germany today. M didn’t want to go to the Nazi Rally Grounds or Courtroom 600, where the Nuremberg trials were held ....more

The potty train

Riley was an only dog for a long time. Well, when I count, it’s actually only about two years. But still ....more

Make things happen

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan. So said Eleanor Roosevelt, a woman I have grown to admire tremendously. This post is taking me out on a...more

What happens after we die?

What happens after we die? Maybe you believe it’s fade to black, over and done with, ashes to ashes. Maybe you believe you’ll face a punishing God and the possibility of burning in the fire of hell ....more

Courage to persevere

Life is easy for the young, and don’t I know it, from my current vantage point. We move along from life event to life event and sure, there are challenges, but for the most part, we don’t think much about them. We just move along ....more

How I learned I was Queen of England

You think she’s Queen of England, but she’s an imposter. I am the Queen. If you’re spending time in airports this month, or any time, it pays to keep your eyes open ....more

Love makes us strong

From the fabulous Curly Girl Designs Any parent of a critically sick child can tell you that this is true. So can any caregiver. Love makes us strong ....more

Budapest food, culture and other things

Come lunch-time, the Christmas market was the place to be. Mulled wine—gluhwein—was everywhere....more