I'm a Believer -- So Are You

We disagree with one another a lot these days, but I think I've found three sentences we can all say, "Yes, that's true," to:...more

The Socks from Hell

I have conquered the Socks from Hell.It is not so much that I have subjugated these hand-knitted demons to their knees so much that I have brought them to my feet. Snugly, quietly, they embrace my very soles, and you would never guess how much anguish, toil, trouble, and sheer screaming frustration it took to get them there....more

The Art Collection on My Car Dashboard

Don’t get me wrong: I love pictures. I am, after all, married to a Norwegian Artist. How does the Norwegian Artist do it?...more

Baby, It's Cold Outside! (That's Why I'm Inside)

Okay, so maybe this doesn’t mean much to you people in Scottsdale, Arizona, or Hilo, Hawaii, but Baby it’s cold outside!...more

My Beautiful Mind

  I'm a dinosaur -- a cute, small one -- because I still use checks as opposed to a debit card. As punishment for this, the check company sent my documents in a flat package that included a box -- also flat, unfolded, to be assembled by the addressee (me, unfortunately). ...more

Living Green? Don't Be Weird about It

While I rarely involve myself in groupie things, I participate now and then when the reason is right....more

Thanksgiving Is a Mindset, Not a Day

I was at the dentist’s office scribbling my way through a tiresome sheaf of forms asking about bladder infections and toenail fungus and an array of physical and mental disorders that had curiously little to do with my teeth, when I realized that I had blanketed the form with no’s, as in, “No, I do not have algebra pre-test anxiety,” and “No, I do not suffer from enlarged prostate.”...more

Eddie the Thug Is Looking for a Job

Eddie the Thug, my unemployed and unemployable big, useless cat, would like to be considered for a position on the county road crew....more

Overpreoccupied with Occupy, Wall Street, and Tea Parties

My poor Norwegian Artist. The man spent the entire afternoon downloading a graphic design and photo software program to his computer, only to find that, in order to open the program and actually use it, he needed another download. ...more

The Jane Austen Driving School

If Jane Austen were alive today, she would add a few more universal truths to the observation she’s known for – you know, the one about a wealthy man being in dire need of a wife. ...more