It's all about you love the one your with?

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Mid-Life Mom with Autistic Child...carves out a New Future  ...more

MidLife Mediocrity

Rhonda Chaney

Perfect Imperfection

by Rhonda Chaney   Email: ...more

Define Me

by Rhonda Chaney     Email: Ever notice how we’re constantly trying to define ourselves? ...more

We, The People

by Rhonda Chaney    Email: We, the People   By Rhonda ChaneyIt’s easy to say “I love my country”…but that’s no longer enough. ...more

Say What? ...or is it more like, Say Anything?

Say What?  ...or is it more like, Say Anything?By Rhonda Chaney http://www.midlifecafe.comContact:

My Bucket List is Fading...

 My Bucket List is fading....more

Women at MidLife...things are getting lower!

Boobs On The Ground By Michele Herman, ~  There`s nothing like the feeling of walking past a guy and he takes a second glance at you. You look back w/confidence, smile and swing your hair. The only thing swinging these days are my boobs!...more

It's a WO-Man's world

It`s a WO-man`s World By Rhonda Chaney,   Throughout my professional life I’ve been asked about my experiences working “in a man’s world”.  Fact is, I like it. ...more