What is the meaning of WORTH?

Worth. Oh what a loaded word. There are examples of what worth can mean everywhere in this world. If you are talking about an object, generally the word worth means how much money is equated with the object. If you were talking about architecture, worth may mean the structural integrity, or possible the emotional investment, or even what is the artistic value of the building. Webster’s dictionary says the meaning of worth is as such: Main Entry: 2worth Function: adjective ...more

*singing* na na na na na na BATWOMAN

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008, 7AM.....I lie fast asleep on the couch, smooshed beneath my canine companion, when I hear a blood curdling scream come from upstairs. Dazed and confused, the dog slowly opening one eye, looking at me like "WTF....I'm sleeping".....I shout upstairs....."Baby, what is it baby?", just to hear in response a string of new screams, through which I decipher one word being repeated over and over "BAT, BAT, there's a BAT!"....followed shortly by, "OH FUCK! ...more

Yes...happily is the word for it! :-p  Because in the end everything was okay, and it was ...more


I'm drowning in a sea of sadness and despair. Surrounded by people everyday, yet feel completely alone, millions of miles away from anyone. Screaming for help, and even those closest to me can't see it.  They just see them, they see their needs, wants, desires.  So busy wrapped in themselves, can't notice my pain.  I yell it at them, I scream it at them, and no, no, go away, or listen to me, who cares about you. What's the point in trying any longer.......... ...more

And I hope you are feeling better.

Liz ...more


Anger…one of the many stages of grief, and one that I am absolutely oozing with. Anger toward my Uncle for choosing to leave us so freely. Anger toward my family and all the pressure that they place on me. Anger to all my friends who let December 14th pass like it’s just another day, and who can’t handle me even talking about my Uncle. ...more

On the lighter side of things....KUNG FU FIGHTING

Okay...so, to give you all an idea of what I look like, just so you have an initial mental image...I'm short (5'2 ish on a good day), slightly round, blonde, dimples. Okay, I will give you a moment to get this first initial picture in your head. *Singing ABC's backwards*..Alright, I'm assuming the image is there, now...take that image, wrap her in a white martial arts costume complete with belt and hand wraps. Somewhat like a white puff or marshmallow now! :-) Or Po the Panda from Kung Fu Panda! ...more

Let our voices be heard!

As the 9th of the December draws near, I feel this bubble deep inside grow.  A bubble of emotions that I'm not sure I've ever really felt before.  This bubble encompasses a whole range of emotions.  Part of the emotional bubble is a tremendous amount of pride.  Proud that in my small state of Iowa there is a chance that I will have equal rights.  Proud that finally the GLBT community as a whole is finally standing up and saying enough is enough, we count too!  Proud of myself for choosing to be there, no matter who migh ...more

Don't we count too??

December 9th marks a very important day in my home state of Iowa (again, the corn state, not the potato state).  At 10 AM on Tuesday, December 9th, the Iowa State Supreme Court will hear opening arguments for a case that will hopefully change the history of this great state.  It could very well be the beginning of loving same-sex couples getting the right to be married, just like every heterosexual couple that walks this planet.  As identifying as one of those same sex couples that would love to have this right, this is a ...more

Almost a year

On December 14th, of this year it will mark the one year anniversary since my Uncle took his own life. Just writing those words seems so surreal. Taking one's own life........a decision that can never be taken back. Someone can bring themselves to the point of near death by many, many means....drugs, alcohol, possibly even self mutilation.....but all those things have a group. A group set up to help you come back up from rock bottom. Suicide is beyond rock bottom, and there's no group to bring you back. ...more