Oregon Family Reunion Top 5

I wanted to do a recap of our family reunion in Oregon this past summer, but instead of just a random recap I liked the idea of doing a Top 5 list. We spent the majority of our time in Salem, but traveled around a bit to Portland, Albany and the coast as well. Some of my favorites are places, some of these are activities and some of these things are...well you'll see....more

Special Needs Spotlight || Fragile X Siblings

Hi. I'm Rachael. I'm married to a fantastic and fantastically handsome man, Marc ....more

Eat: Brie + Mango Quesadillas

This is one of my very favorite lunch indulgences of all time: brie + mango quesadillas. I got the recipe from a blog that no longer exists (Fresh365) and seriously loved all her recipes. I'm not sure why she shut down her site but I wish she'd come back! ...more

S C H O O L + talking to your kids about their Special Needs peers

It's that time of year again... school supplies, new shoes, school lunches. It's all so exciting! ...more

Special Needs Spotlight || Olivia

Our family of 5 live in Davenport, Iowa. Mike and I (Katy) have 3 girls. Bella just turned 9, Lexi will be 8 next week, and Olivia is 4 ½.We also have a bird Keyko and dog Bandit ....more

Anniversary Hike Oneonta Gorge Falls

"Our understanding of love has been hijacked and beguiled by it's first distractingly moving moments. We have allowed our love stories to end way too early. We seem to know far too much about how love starts, and recklessly little about how it might continue." --The Course of Love by Alain De BottonMarriage is hard and life is hard ....more

Happy Friday

Still getting back into the swing of things after our Oregon vacation and getting ready for school--eek!--which starts next week! What? Where did this summer go?I'll be doing an Oregon recap soon with all the amazing places we saw and I have some other excited posts up my sleeve as well ....more

Special Needs Spotlight || Owen

Hi!! My name is Taryn and I’m the wife to the amazing Vince and we are the proud parents to Our Young Warrior, Owen James DiCandilo. We live in Australia and have been together for 9 years and counting ....more


We're in Oregon for a family reunion and having the best time. Beaches, beautiful hikes, food, late night family games, and cousin time galore. Here are a few pictures from our time at the beach ....more

Easiest Summer Dinner Ever

Everyone needs a a few go-to, easy meals that can be made in 10 minutes or less and that no one complains about. I'm looking at you off spring....more