Dear Daughter

"You know spies; they're a bunch of bitchy little girls." -- Burn Notice Dear Daughter: You should know that you are hated. I'm not sure why they hate you. You didn't do anything to them. You don your princess crown, take up your sword, and pretend at Pokemon. You read your books and you learn how to draw comics and dragons and you play piano and practice kung fu. You delight in pretty dresses and weaponry. You love me when I nurture you as a mom, train with you as a warrior, and play video games and card games with you. ...more
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Advanced Audio Workshop Podcast Edit

Thanks to everyone who attended the Advanced Audio Workshop - Tajee and I had a great time. Thanks also to Pam who offered her podcast for critique. I've modified it a little, adding an intro, background music, and an outtro, and compressing and amplifying the audio. You can hear the before and after. ...more

Preparing for the Advanced Audio Lab

Hey BlogHer '07 attendees! I wanted to post some hints here for people who are interesting in attending the Advanced Audio Lab on Day 2 of BlogHer. As it's an advanced audio lab, we're not going to be covering the basics of podcasting. However, we don't want to turn anyone away, so if you are a beginner, I have some suggestions on how to get up to speed for when you come to our workshop. ...more