Surprised by Joy: Living Into an Unexpected Pregnancy

This is a different pregnancy....more

The American Dream: Do Immigrants Have A Say?

We were sitting in People’s Park off Kirkwood, which is one of the main student drags. I was with 3 other girls for our summer weekly Book Nosh, and we were about to dig into some of the characters of CS Lewis’ The Great Divorce. Everyone was slurping up some iced coffee drinks and other summery liquid confections, and in a wonderful mood, I think, with the air cooling down, the sun slowly setting though it was still quite light out. And then 2 young men walked up and asked out of the blue:Can we ask you a question? What do you think about the American Dream?...more
So true, that the "American Dream" is so usually referred to only in sarcasm or as a punchline. ...more

The Miracle of Forgetfulness: Attending to God's Presence

I’m horribly forgetful. It’s almost debilitating. And I’m sure annoying/tiring/frustrating to those around me. Those around me = Andy....more
Thank you for these insights and quotes ... family life is certainly a "way" of spirituality, ...more

Making Rice: Becoming a Korean Woman

It’s a simple task but one that I feel I’ve never gotten quite right.The first time Mom graduated me from just cleaning the rice cooker to actually cooking rice meant that I’d grown up a little in her eyes. It was almost a solemn moment when she said she would teach me how to do it. I saw a little sadness in her eyes, maybe because of the passage of time that eluded her the few years leading up to this point. And a little anxiety, even. But, determination, too, after all, every Korean girl should know how to make rice with one hand tied behind their backs by the the time they’re ten....more
Thank you for the lovely story about you and your mom. In Europe too so many traditions are ...more

Minority Report: AHHHHHHH! More Non-White Babies!!!

It was actually not much of a shock to find out there were more non-white babies born last year. But cool to see it all over Twitter and Facebook. Because you know, my babies were born last year. I was celebrating that a bit, although, apparently not so many people were excited about it. Not that I’ve actually seen articles expressing wringing-of-the-hands, “What are we going to do now?” but there are some subtly negative responses and the implications are interesting. But, probably again not much of a shock....more

Off-Balance: The New Normal

The new normal is...feeling not-normal.It means feeling mostly disoriented – whether it’s confusion about the actual day (I swear, on Sunday I thought it was Thursday, so in a conversation with a neighbor who’s husband is a teacher, I genuinely asked what time he would be coming home from his workday), my current location, or knocking over a glass and shattering it for no apparent reason (nothing hit my arm or was in the way)....more

Pivotal Conversations: The Unexpected Room

I sat for the second time in a room that would eventually become like a second home....more

How My Children Make Me Pay Attention More During Prayer and Worship

Unfortunately though this is compelling, and I think, very true and necessary -- the imperative to embrace the darkness and quiet because of its being conducive to God's's just not feasible anymore. One of four things happen when I close my eyes, particularly for prayer: 1) I start snoring. 2) I start daydreaming. 3) I start writing lists. 4) The babies run away and/or fall off a pew (namely, in church on Sundays). So I stopped closing my eyes. Actually, I stopped a while ago....more
I am a mother of 7 - 5 Boys and two girl, I would not say that I have forced Christianity on to ...more

Coffee and Chaos: The Breakfast of Champions

Mornings start out with a groan. Well, actually it’s usually a screech and/or squeal coming from the twins’ room. I squeeze my eyes shut for a moment, and then, elbow Andy in the back, and push myself out of bed....more
Lovely writing ... hang in there!  These are experiences to savor, and so much more ahead ... ...more

A Wilderness Sabbath: Towards Motherhood

I changed jobs recently.My family and I moved to the mid-west in April of 2011. My husband, Andy, who is also a clergyperson, responded to God’s call to serve the First Presbyterian Church in Bloomington as their head of staff. I was an associate pastor for youth and children at Presbyterian churches for more than 7 years, and found myself serving a much smaller parish. There are two members – my twin babies....more