Easter Sunday

I've went through a lot of "Firsts" over the past 6 months. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, Valentine's Day and now Easter. Thankfully my parents have been there for all of them...though it's not the same. I didn't expect it to be. After my Father's Easter Sunday Sermon - that I didn't attend...(yeah, I'm a Preacher's Daughter) I spent the evening with my parents. Things have changed there over the past year. So much that no one really speaks. I sat ...more

Ophelia - poem

Credits  "Ophelia" by Sir John Everett Millais 1851 ...more

24 Hours - My Trip to Roanoke, VA Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my 24 hours in Roanoke, VA. This post is solely dedicated to Taubman Museum of Art! I simply have too many photos and want to take the time to break down the area and the experience I had so that others will have a better idea of the area/interests. I've received some very awesome feedback on my first post - which you can read here. If you enjoy these posts please let me know and ...more

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year everyone! I must say I'm thrilled to see 2012 come to an end. Hands down the second worst year of my life...only proceeded by 2009 when I lost my brother. I've been dating everything 2013 this weekend...my mind, body and soul are all ready! Every year we make resolutions that we don't keep. I accept that the only resolution I've kept is this blog and as of late I've only half-assed that. I am now in year ...more

30 Days to Fill Your Cup

I realize I spend most of my time banging away at the letters on the keyboard but never really accomplish anything useful in the end. Tonight I manged to pull inspiration down from the Heavens and let my soul pour out in words ....more

Poem - Kiss

Some things you cannot kiss betterlike a bleeding heartbroken memoriesand meI've lived through your kissesto tell the tale of sorrow-such an unsightly scarYour lips sealed my tombas you left me in darknessmy heart will not chanceanother unmarked graveA lifetime cannot healthese kissesour memory-or this girl. Mika Buell-Joseph 2012 ...more

24 Hours - My Trip to Roanoke, VA Part 1

A girl can accomplish a lot in 24 hours - especially a girl with a camera and time all on her own. I had 4 days off this week and knew I couldn't stand to stay alone so I reserved a solo slot for an overnight trip to Roanoke, VA. Everyone has asked me, "Why Roanoke?" Why not? It's less than 5 hours away and is quite an amazing place. When I say everyone has asked me..I do mean everyone; ...more

Never fall in love

My Wednesday words of wisdom...never fall in love with a musician. They will only break your heart. Even Lucy agrees. ...more

Mid-October in Grams

It's been far too long and I know it! You come to a point in your life (as a blogger) where sharing certain aspects of your personal life is damn near impossible. Those of you who care; the simplest explanation - the life I knew is gone, and now I am exploring the world through different eyes. Want more of an explanation, you know how to contact me! October has been a festive month indeed. Face painting at work thanks ...more

Review: Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

After devouring "Daring Greatly" by Brené Brown I was amazed at how much of a role vulnerability and shame play in my life ....more