What's up, honey?

Categories: Blog A few years back, I watched an interview with an Olympic gymnast who had a special cure for those long, hard workouts that made him feel nauseous and vomity. He'd squeeze some honey in his gob and just keep going. I gave it a try the next time I started to feel workout nauseous and […] ( ...more

Oh the joy

Categories: Blog Sure, we may be saving our sweat in buckets and purifying our pee for drinking water come mid-August, but it's still hard to resist getting out on these winter days. (Read more...) ...more

Lean In Together Family USA!

Categories: Blog I've been loving the discussion about gender roles in America over the past few days. A whole host of dad writers I know and love are trying to get Amazon to change its parents program from Amazon Mom to Amazon Family, which it is called in just about every other major country where Amazon operates. […] (Read more...) ...more

Call of the mild

Categories: Blog We follow moose tracks into the forest. They're deep, deeper than any human can make -- a thousand pounds isolated on hooves the size of your hand and pushing down past snowpack and hoarfrost. We see fox trails and ermine ....more

U.S. Soccer doing much better with women's side coverage

Categories: Blog By now you know my gripe -- that the US Soccer organization short-changes coverage of its women's side day after day after day. On any given day over the past year, I've noticed there are 23 or so stories in all on the main US Soccer site, and only 3 or 4 about the women's […] ( ...more

Dark chocolate (basically meth candy) healthy bites

Categories: Blog, what's for dinner? I saw this chocolate "detox" recipe on a web site yesterday and immediately had to make it. It's supposed to be goodish for you, as dark chocolate is supposed to be good for the heart, and basically any study that says dark chocolate is good for you is bookmarked on my computer ....more

Adventures of Baby Frog

Categories: Blog I talked with NPR this morning about the possibility of a fun new project, and I suddenly recalled one of the essays I recorded for the radio a few years back. It's still one of my favorites. All these years later, I now wish I could find Baby Frog ....more


Categories: Blog (Read more...) ...more

U.S. Soccer's women problem: Updated

Categories: Blog As an update to this post about the lack of equal coverage of the women's national team on the team's own web site -- the site that should be its biggest booster -- I just got off the phone with the head of communications for the federation and am ... optimistic. Instead of continuing to […] ( ...more

One more before the rain

Categories: Blog It's supposed to rain soon and for days. We appreciate a good book and a warm blanket as much as a trip to the park. But it's still good to save up those swings, those momentary rushes and weightless apexes -- to bottle them up so you can close your eyes on the couch as […] (Read more...) ...more