Love Letters

  Do you keep little notes and cards that people have given you? I have notes from my husband and children and friends that I keep in a special place. I have messages on my phone that I don’t erase. While I may not consciously think about the scripture “The power of life and death are in the tongue”, my actions almost always tell me that it is true. ...more

Getting to the Root of It

"You need a root canal." Those words led me to the endodontist. And the news got better from there. “You need two root canals, if we are able to save one of these teeth; if not, we will only do one root canal and you’ll have to have the other tooth pulled.” ...more

Me, My Yorkie, and God

Seven years ago, my daughter, Kara Beth, who was sixteen at the time asked for a Labrador retriever for Christmas.  Her dad quickly reminded her that we lived in the church parsonage which was right by the church parking lot and that we just couldn’t have a Labrador retriever....more