The Monuments Men - A Review

I love it when films inspire me.  Not all do - some (most?) are pure entertainment that I enjoy for 2+ hours and then leave at the theater.  Some touch me and have me thinking about a certain issue or relationship for a day or two.  Still others are not worth the pixels it takes to create them.  Merriam-Webster's online dictionary's first definition of "inspire" is "to make (someone) want to do something : to give (someone) an idea about what to do or create."  Keeping to this definition, films that inspire are, I think, fairly rare.  The Monuments Men...more

The Conjuring (and Why We Like The Dark)

Disclaimer - in the first part of this post, I make broad statements.  I know that not all of my readers are horror fans and I know that not all of my readers are Christian.  And many who are one, the other, both or neither may just not like scary stuff.  I'm making very large generalizations and I know that.  I'm also not trying to convince my friends/readers to partake of subjects that they truly are not interested in.  Read on   ...more

PUBLISHED AGAIN! Great Moments in Parenting!

I was published again!  An Austin-based blog called Great Moments in Parenting published my account of "Super Moon" today!  Thank you SO much GMIP!!!  Your blog rocks!  ...more

Four O'Clock Ay Em

I think that Four O'Clock Ay Em likes me.  Not just "likes me",  but LIKES me, likes me.  Why else would it continuously wake me up just to say hi?  It tries so hard to impress me.  It only appears once every twenty-four hours so it MUST make a good showing for the sixty seconds that it's in my presence.  One night it brought rain.  One night, it brought an owl calling for friends in the moonlight.  Sometimes it just brings stillness and quiet.  ...more

A Hands-On Easter Lesson

Every year about his time - approaching Easter - a couple of hands-on lessons about Jesus' death and resurrection start to make the rounds on Pinterest and Facebook.  They are both recipes where the final product (either cookies or rolls) are puffed up, yet empty - like the tomb on the third day. Here is the one we tried when the kids were younger - about 4 and 7. (I copied the recipe just like I received it.): ...more

Thumbs Up To Thumbs

Ah, the joys of dog ownership. On Sunday Ruby was spazzing out, as is her custom for the first five minutes of a neighbor's visit, when I tried to calm her. I went to put my hands on her shoulder to keep her from jumping just as she did said movement. Her shoulder collided with my thumb and in one painful blast I had a jammed/sprained/strained/dislocated/maimed/bloodied/amputated digit. Okay, it wasn't THAT bad. Just sprained. But, dang, it hurt! ...more

West Texas Thunderstorm - a poem

Thunder shakes the nightWind spurs adrenalineNo sleep now...more

Wildflowers in Spring

It was a ritual down at the Lake - at least once a weekend we would find time to pick a wildflower bouquet for our moms and for Bigmama.  We had no shortage of flowers from which to choose - especially in the spring.  And we made it our business to know the favorites of the recipients.  My mom was partial to buttercups because yellow was her favorite hue.  Pam loved the fiery reds of the Indian Blanket.  Bigmama's bunch always included Black-Eyed Susans, if we could find them.  No matter what was in bloom, our moms treated the small bouquets as if they were a d...more

21st Century Parenting - The iPod Lesson

Well, add yet another thing to the list of "situations my parents didn't have to deal with".  We got Buddy an iPod Touch for Christmas.  Princess has had one for almost a year (she bought it with her own money) and we haven't really had to put many restrictions on hers.  She has a set "bedtime" for it, she can't use it during home school studies, etc.  She has a few games/apps and some music, but she mainly uses it to take pictures and to text her friends.  ...more

Slippery Slope on Facebook

There is a really annoying trend on Facebook right now.  Well, it's been going on for quite a while, actually.  It's this trend of " 'Like' if you support/believe/hate this cause/religion/company/disease/color/car/WHATEVER and then 'Share' ".  It's getting obnoxious.  I think that it's a given that I don't like cancer.  And I doubt that Jesus is really going to greet me in Heaven and say, "You didn't 'share' me on FB enough.  Here's the 'down' escalator."  Most of the time if I see "Like This" in a status update photo card, I'll just scroll right on over a...more