Marine Corps Marathon 2014: 17 Miles

Friday morning I set out to do...more

Rain, Spin, Happiness

It’s raining today, which makes me happy. Who on earth likes rain? ME ....more

4 Chilly Progression Miles

I’m fairly certain that the thermostat in my body is permanently off. This mornings run was in long capris, a tank, a long sleeve zip up and a hat – I was chilly McCHILLY on the run and all the while I was thinking that my mom probably ran in a tank and shorts and was just DYING OF THE HEAT. It was confirmed that the chill wasn’t in my head when I jumped in the shower and felt how cold the skin on my thighs were ....more

12 Happy Fall Miles

This is the point of year I would typically be in the thick of marathon training. I’m not. Life got in the way of running this year ....more

Want To Win A FitBit Flex & I Run This Body Shirt

Run over to my instagram page for a FitBit Flex and I Run This Body Shirt Giveaway! Giveaway ends on 9/30/14 – winner announced on 10/1...more

Slowing Down

This year has been a year of learning for me –...more

Flowers In Leesburg & Tiny Beach Treasures

In late summer, early fall there is a house in my town {Leesburg, VA} that puts out flowers at the end of their driveway, along with...more

Saucony 26Strong Behind The Cover Shoot Video

Right after I ran Rock N Roll 1/2 for fun I headed to LA to meet up with 2 other 26 Strong teams that had been chosen for a Saucony/Competitor Magazine photo shoot. When I flew out there I had no idea that my cadet, Danielle and I would end up on the cover of the September issue of Competitor Magazine!! It still doesn’t seem real and I legitimately smile every time I watch this video, which I will admit has been way too many times ....more

Women’s Running: A Love Story

If’ I’m being truthful, it wasn’t love at first sight. In my heart I knew maybe our paths crossed for a reason, but I’m old enough to know that things come and go. As days turned to weeks, weeks to months,...more

Running Playlist: Top 10 September Workout Songs From RunHundred

It’s getting close to marathon season which means long runs are in full effect! You may just find yourself getting tired of your summer playlists. Here are ten new songs to add for September! ...more