Diaper Review. Don't Put Your Money Down the Toilet, Trust Me You Will Need it For Preschool!

Diaper Review:I am comparing these from prices the amazon website which usually has the cheapest diapers and they have free shipping. The store brands are being priced from each stores website. I am using size 3 to make an accurate comparison but if you do the math on smaller sizes they will be cheaper (because they give you more for the same price) and visa verse for bigger sizes....more

Why new moms can’t be anywhere on time

  Why new moms can't be anywhere on time... www.diamondsanddirtydiapers.blogspot.com   1. We forget something essential for leaving the house with baby (such as the bottle, pacifier, formula, diapers..) and have to go back and get it 2. Everything is packed and ready to go, baby looks adorable..you look again and baby just pooped or spit up all over the place ...more