It's Never to Late to Get in the Game

Today I had the distinct pleasure of playing doubles tennis with Mrs....more

Word from the First Lady: Eat Your Vegetables

A Word from Our First Lady: Eat Your Vegetables!   ...more

Cupcakes Are Not a Commitment

I find it timely to discuss cupcakes as a metaphor for life especially in light of today’s focus on resolutions and planning for 2010. Anyone looking to truly understand me should know that for me, this is a metaphor for life. I believe it’s important to commit to some things – family, health and Glee on Wednesday nights. But, like so many things in life, I’m also committed to dabbling – I’m a dabbler.There’s far too much pressure these days to be an expert. Let me begin with the fact that I enjoy cooking and admittedly I’m pretty darn good at it....more