Victoria's Secret Re-Edits & Embellishes One of their Most Adored Perfumes: Fabulous (2013/2015) {New Fragrance}

 American temple of lingerie Victoria's Secret have re-edited and adorned, while tweaking it a bit, a five-star fragrance for the brand, Fabulous, now available in a double-bow edition...Read more at

Georges Stahl Parfums Elle d'Elissa (2007) {Perfume Short (Review)}

A Review of Georges Stahl Parfums Elle d'Elissa Eau de ParfumPeachy fragrances can be delightful - we know that since Mitsouko by Guerlain (1919) ensnared the senses with its Persicol molecule lit by a chypré chiaro-oscuro effect. When peach perfumes are spiked with a dose of oud while paying homage to the gourmand temple of perfumes that has been building up brick by brick since Angel by Thierry Mugler (1992), the result can be interesting......more

Boss Fragrances Have New Masculine Muse, Theo James {Fragrance News} {Celebrity & Perfume}

Boss parfums are preparing to release a new masculine composition - name and appearance still undisclosed - except for its scent ambassador, actor Theo James...Read more at Perfume Critic Chant Wagner...more

Jean-Charles Brosseau Ombre Rubis (2015) {New Fragrance}

 Jean-Charles Brosseau have released a new fragrance for women in the Ombre (Shadow) series which debuted with the perfume classic Ombre Rose (1981) called Ombre Rubis (Ruby Shadow)....more

Hermès Jour d'Hermès Gardénia (2015) {Perfume Review & Musings}

Jour d'Hermès Gardénia comes three years after the initial launch of Jour d'Hermès and a year after a denser re-interpretation, Jour d'Hermès Absolu (2014)....more

Marc Jacobs to Launch New Perfume Decadence with Adriana Lima {New Fragrance}

 American fashion designer Marc Jacobs will launch a new fragrance for women from Fall 2015 called Decadence, which is presented as the polar opposite to Daisy (2007)...Read more at

Henri Bendel Suite 712 is for the Bendel Girl (2015) {New Fragrance}

New York department store Henri Bendel Est. 1895 has released a new signature perfume called Suite 712 eau de parfum "Inspired by it's [sic] legendary address and landmark townhouse at 712 Fifth Avenue,"......more

Parfum d'Empire Musc Tonkin (2012-2014) {Perfume Review & Musings}

 A Romantic, Historicized Project...more