Detained in Sudan: One Blogger's Story

Editor’s note: Maha El-Sanosi is a Sudanese blogger-journalist selected as a recipient of a 2012 International Activist BlogHer Scholarship. She was to have come to BlogHer '12 in New York this August to share her work. Read below to learn why an exit visa is not an option for her this summer, and why we look forward to honoring her in 2013. -– Polly...more
it's not just the ordeal she has to painfully endure , it's also her bravery and positive stance ...more


We’re all flawed – fact of life. But then there are those who preach against hypocrisy, and claim they are flawless, Demonstrating to the world the extent of their perfection, Pointing fingers at sinners, judging them in every way, Veils on their heads, seeking people’s approval, Politeness marking their voices, in pursuit of acceptance, First ones at your door when you're in your time of need, Helpful when you need them but you can't help but notice, ...more