Walking for Water

When you turned on the tap today to get a drink of water, did you think twice about it?  I know I usually don't.  It's easy to think that water is abundant and everlasting because of the ease in which it flows from our taps. Truth is, only about 1% of our Earth's water is drinkable and almost a billion people on this planet are without access to clean, safe drinking water.  Even worse, every week almost 38,000 children under 5 die from unsafe drinking water and unhygienic living conditions. When I mentioned that fact to my 10-year old he thought I was joking for sure. ...more

we should always feel lucky that we have enough supply of clean water but we should never forget ...more

Mineral Makeup Uncovered

Seems like nothing is sacred these days.  Not even mineral makeup, the darling of the cosmetics industry and something that us green & healthy folks consider a step above conventional cosmetic products.  But alas, it turns out there's a thing or two to watch out for when choosing a mineral makeup brand.  I've been confused/concerned about this for awhile now and finally took the time to sort out a few things.  Hope this helps you too!!   <...more

Kids Eat Kale?

I've heard a rumor that some kids actually eat kale!! Could this possibly be true?  Mine sure don't.  My Mom served a delicious kale salad for Christmas made with mandarin oranges (the kind from the can that kids love).  My boys gobbled up the oranges but didn't touch the kale.  Boo. ...more

Healthy Lunch, Happy Child

"When the bell rang for lunch Frances sat down next to her friend Albert.  "What do you have today? ...more

Green Baby Steps at BlogHer '09

Some of my favorite green bloggers were on the green team for BlogHer this year in an attempt to 'green up' the conference a bit.  BlogHer is a mighty big conference (over 1400 attendees I believe) and I can't imagine how hard it must be to organize the thing, much less worry about the environmental impact.  Kudos to BlogHer management for listening to the green team and putting some smart green initiatives in place this year! ...more

Thanks for posting this, Micaela.  I too am wondering conferences can get the funding to ...more