Life After -30- A Recovering Journalist's Journey From Burnout to Buyout and Beyond

First, an explanation of the title "Life After -30-":  Old-school journalists know that -30- is a symbol that signifies the end of a story. I'm going to blog about my experiences since I put a -30- on my newspaper career. My last two newspaper jobs were as a copy editor. Few people outside the business know what a copy editor is. The Washington Post's Deborah Howell summed up the job perfectly in a recent column: ...more

Life After -30- A Recovering Journalist's Journey from Burnout to Buyout and Beyond

Change is good, right?  Almost everyone I know hates change, or at least resists it. I embrace it. That's how I wound up leaving journalism, I field I'd worked in for nearly 20 years, and looking for another way to make a living. My journey so far has included working with shelter animals, producing a monthly newsletter for the shelter, learning about nonprofits and, of course, job hunting. It also has reintroduced frugality into my life -- clipping coupons, doing without a lot of extras, etc. You see, the job hunting hasn't been going so well. ...more