My Mom Called

My mom called.  I haven't seen her in decades. It seems so weird that a person can even say that. Decades.She traveled in and out of my life for the first 13 years or so and disappeared for the last time not long after I graduated from high school. When she was there, she wasn’t really there. The drugs and alcohol and bad decisions took priority in her life....more

Like the Duggar Girls, I Was Assaulted. I Pretended to Be Asleep.

Sometimes it's easier to pretend that nothing happened than face the consequences. Victims of abuse often say that they pretended to be asleep in hopes that the abuser would stop. Unfortunately, that doesn't usually work. ...more
Yes. Remembered this when I read your comment.more

A Letter to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Jim Bob and Michelle: I am not going to mince words. YOU HAVE FAILED YOUR DAUGHTERS. It is your job to protect them. You did not. Instead, you chose to protect your son....more
MinnesotaJoY Wonderful. I hope it helps others dealing with the same issues.more

I'm a Belieber

  (According to Urban Dictionary*. a belieber is the following:A 'belieber' is a fan girl of teeny bopper sensation Justin Bieber. They are usually between the age of 10-15. A lot of them spend most of their life on Twitter where they:...more

I'd Rather Nurse In Target

I've heard a lot in the last few days about the big Nurse-in at Target that happened because a mama at a Texas Target store was hassled for breastfeeding her baby on the premises and it has really bothered me. When I also saw a mama on Twitter who was upset at the judgment she's received from her own family about breastfeeding it upset me even more....more

No Limits

I've been hibernating. The cold has officially taken over Minnesota and this is the time of the year when I tend to draw inward a bit more and hide....more

Penn State Riots and Hope

When I heard that students at Penn State were rioting in response to Coach Joe Paterno being fired, I literally felt sick. A police statement estimated the crowd totaled as many as 4,000 to 5,000 people. This crowd toppled light posts, street signs and even turned over a news van.Paterno had knowledge that children were being abused and did nothing about it. As a result of Paterno's inaction, there are more victims of Jerry Sandusky out there. How could all of these people possibly support this man?...more

I Am Not Giving Up

Yesterday, I got this email in my inbox:Dear Jo,Thank you so much for sharing your story on – I’m so glad it was able to reach so many people. I’d like to feature your follow-up post today on the homepage of
@Hopin2bHappy Thank you friend. You all supporting me helps me be brave.more

You Make Me Brave: On Penn State and Telling My Story

It's been a long 24 hours. Yesterday I wrote a post about the Penn State sex abuse situation. I had no idea when I wrote it that so many people would respond in such an overwhelming and supportive way. All I knew is that I was (and am still) so very angry about knowing that children were being abused and that it could have been prevented. ...more
@Stacy Morrison Thank you Stacy. I don't feel proud so much of myself as I do for all of the ...more

Penn State Scandal: I Am Angry

There are eight (and probably many more) victims out there whose lives will never be the same. Had Paterno, Curley, and Schultz been doing their jobs there would be far fewer victims. Those boys (and men) deserved better. ...more
I am totally angry as well. Just blogged about it here. more