Easy DIY Costumes for Halloween

Halloween is rolling around again, and my kid is now old enough to voice an opinion on his costume. I love Halloween. I love to get dressed-up and see other people dressed-up and seeing little kids dressed-up makes me all teary-eyed. ...more

My kids are grown now, but my favorite and easiest costume for my boys ever was the duct tape ...more

The Days of Do-It-Yourself Are Over

As an avid crafter and maker, I sometimes have to stop myself from attempting every.single. craft project that comes my way. I like to do things myself because I like to see and feel all the steps that go into making something. Armed with that attitude I've made it to 36 years with a fair amount of DIY skills tucked under my hot pink sparkly hello kitty belt (made from upcycled thrifted Hot Topic shirt). ...more

I agree, it's so easy to get carried away with trying everything under the sun. I suppose I'm ...more

Everyone Is Back to School but Me! -- Toddler Edition

My kid is three and is switching from a home-based daycare to an outdoor preschool, and even though he isn't going to a standard type of school that requires the fun of new notebooks and school supplies, I thought it would be fun to make it seem special by crafting up some fun new things for him to associate with his new school experience. ...more

What great ideas! Thank you! I'm always looking for ways to make the little one feel ...more

Crafting and Social Networks -- For Fun and Profit!

It's undeniable that the Internet spurred the craft resurgence. Cast your mind back 15 years when you had to laboriously check out the postings on local coffeehouse bulletin boards for groups to join. Networking of any kind can require time and patience, but online, you can find people much more easily, and you can connect at your leisure with a massive pool of people from all over the world. ...more

I often visit Craftster and don’t find it confusing at all. But then, I’m a kid that grew up ...more

Be Your Own Pin-Up! DIY Swimwear!

It's summertime! And for many of us that means opportunities to get half naked and run around in the sun. I've never liked wearing a regular bathing suit. I have this ginormous RED birthmark covering one entire ass cheek and half my upper thigh and I've always hated it. ...more

Awesome. Great stuff to know.more

The Modern Crafting Movement and Feminism

Every once in a while, a great article about crafting and feminism creates a lot of discussion. There are definitely the camps that want to bash crafting. Part of it might be a backlash against the word "crafting," as opposed to "craftsmanship" or "art." In fact, I have a friend who wants to bash pretty much all my activities because I label them with the word "crafting," instead of "art" or "drinking too much in bars late at night." I see it as a little like the 1990s -- when the punk rock girls and riotgrrls were taking back the word "slut," making zines, and daring to wear Hello Kitty barrettes. ...more


Wow. Great, thought-provoking post. One of my first posts when I started my blog ...more

Where do you buy your fabric?

Were do you get your fabric? I think we all have our go-to local fabric store - for me, the big chain store is Joannes. Joannes is fine for cheapish everyday fabrics. The Joannes near me recently closed and so I had to journey to a nearby town to go find one but that one is a SUPERSTORE. It's huge and has a way bigger selection of fabrics and notions and I'm pretty excited about that. There are a couple of smaller non chain fabric stores near me that I frequent often as well. But what about other sources? ...more

DIY design and manufacture (sort of)

The explosion in the past few years of the craft and DIY space has been amazing to watch. People can craft in their spare time and then use the internet to reach a  broad audience of like minded people. Consumers want unique items that really meet their needs in a way that mass produced things can not. ...more

i want to havea carpet ade with an ernest haekle illustration of some jelly fish or something!more