BlogHer '06 LIVE - How to find live blogs from the conference

Saturday Schedule Saturday has arrived...Here is where you'll find the posts you want to follow today. For those of you who can't be here in person for Blogher, keep track of the sessions by reading the following Blogher-sponsored live-blogs of each and every session. ...more

Youtube ktunnel thanks you


Adopt a canuck (or two) for pre or post-conference funtimes in SF

Hey all, So it's Mir, volunteer coordinator, speaker and also a Canadian. I and a videographer friend of mine named Mél will be arriving in SF on the 26th and sticking around in the bay area until August the first following the conference. ...more

Audio-bloghers listen up!

Blogher is looking for dedicated podcasters to cover each session of the conference. If you are looking for an opportunity to pick up valuable audio capturing skills with a trained professional, or if you are already a podcaster and want to brush up your skills in a professional environment, please send us a short resume or paragraph describing your skills and experience. Each audio volunteer will receive a coveted 2-day conference pass. This is now the only way to get into Day One, which has long been sold out!! If this sounds like a project you would enjoy being a part of, please send your cv/description to Read on for details... ...more

Volunteer request: Signage Heroine!

That's right, someone to scale tall buildings in the dead of night and paint the Blogher logo in giant purple letters. No wait, that's another job description isn't it. One with a mask and a cape and some kind of super-power. The real Signage Heroine will be responsible for: Taking last year's signage and badge templates and updating and augmenting them for 2006 Reviewing with BlogHer staff to ensure all signs are properly accounted for. There will likely be a two to three dozen signs. Arranging with vendor of choice to have them printed and shipped to conference location. ...more

Thanks so much Whitney.

We got a volunteer lined up, but I'm happy to know I have a back up ...more

Volunteer Request: Speaker Wrangler

Update: The position has been filled by Jes of Just Say Jes Thanks a bundle (your lasso and hat will be waiting for you at coat check..) That's right cowpokettes, Blogher is looking for a speaker wrangler. Just to clarify, that's sort of like a universal personal assistant. The Speaker wrangler will take care of logistics around anything to do with the bevy of amazing speakers participating in Blogher '06. ...more

Tell the security guard you are going to a hotel full of drunk women and that you think maybe ...more

Volunteer request: Tech Support

Anyone who was at the first Blogher conference will understand the gravity of this request. {grin}. We NEED our very own volunteer tech guru for Blogher '06. ...more

Help wanted and thanks for all the fish

Miriam blogs at the Flink and works at Flink Design. Lately she does more of the latter than the former. "Hey everyone, listen up" I have an announcement; #1/ Do to a recent acceptance at grad school, and a corresponding (but freakishly un-related) increase in my work-load as a web designer, I am having trouble with blogging as a bi-weekly activity, here or anywhere for that matter. So I am going to have to bid you all adieu, at least as a CE-books for now, and focus on doing some nifty stuff for the conference which you should hear about by months end. #2/ I am looking for a replacement. Here's a description of my ideal candidate. ...more


Congrats on the grad school move. We shall miss your writing here, but look for good ...more

A picture is worth a thousand books

I wish I could put my feet up and just draw sometimes. Draw whatever is in front of my eyes. Like what Keep on Keeping on is doing with her sketch-blog. ...more

Feeling my Irish

Happy St.Paddys day everyone. Here are a few pieces of Irish literature for you to sink your teeth into. If you aren't into reading about the Irish then I hope you are out drinking green beer and rubbing short people on the head for good luck. If you sometimes wonder what all the fuss is about, check out The Gyspy librarian's round-up of St.Paddys day information. ...more

The last word on Words

This post comes at you via; Jessamyns's delicious links. It's a short anecdote from Feel good librarian called the Power of a Word. An old man with a quavery voice called the desk last night. The first thing he said was, "Bear with me, please. I need the meaning of a word."... ...more

In a day where my stress level is probably hovering around 75, this was a joy to read. Thank ...more