Let's Talk About Sex.

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Baby steps: leading a wound-up kid toward serenity

I've tried a few times in the past to get my  hopped-up seven-year-old TZ to calm down by stopping and breathing. Sit still. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply, three big breaths. This hasn't worked even a little bit, because he has just ended up panting and/or giggling....more

Transforming Anger

I've been reading some of Buddhist monk/writer Thich Nhat Hanh's work lately, and one bit in particular struck me. It was a piece called "Transforming Anger". He writes: ...more

Living Mindfully

Sometimes it just feels like the universe has lost its patience with my dense, tense self, and has exchanged gentle, whispered hints for a giant megaphone. Or maybe I got the first (broad) hint and that opened me to the others. Or maybe it's that "Oh, now I get it!" phenomenon. ...more

30 Days of the Good Life: Day One

I have been getting fatter and fatter lately, and it occurred to me last week, not for the first time, that if I ate the diet I (try to) enforce for my kids, I could probably lose five pounds. I could also feel less like a hypocrite, shooing the boys out of the kitchen so I could cram another handful of chocolate chips into my mouth.Then I thought that if I consistently did all of the things that I urge my kids to do, I would eat healthier, sleep more, be kinder to everyone, and grow up....more

Ain't No Party Like a Jedi Par-tay

Here's a rundown of my at-home Jedi birthday party for my newly 7-year old Star Wars-obsessed son. He really wanted a Clone Wars themed party with blasters, but I just couldn't stomach automatic weapons, real or imaginary, at my child's birthday party. So I went with deadly laser blades instead. The boys all brought their bikes, and we framed the party as a series of challenges that Jedi must face before becoming masters. Prep (party for 8 kids)Food:...more

I'd like to have a Jedi Party.
Really. I would.
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