Lately, it has come to my attention that so many kids are killing themselves. I knew it was happening, but until our neighbour from across the street lost her nephew through suicide, it wasn't hitting me that close to home. Then, yesterday on twitter, someone said something about someone that started a spree of hate. It was horrible. The person who was targeted was deeply affected and all their close family and friends became worried about their situation. That is how easy it is to push kids today over the edge....more

Microwaving Good-Bye!

I sat down one day, staring at my potato turning around in the microwave. I often found myself participating in this form of entertainment—waiting patiently for those three beeps, announcing my food was “done.” Then, one day, it dawned on me, “Why was I giving my family food whose water molecules were being spun around to heat it up?”...more
Wow, I can't believe that there are 64 comments on this post! What's incredible to me is that ...more

Don't Judge Me If I Feel Angry Because My Mom Has Alzheimer's!

I called the Alzheimer’s Association one day when my mother was refusing to have a shower. I needed to know what to tell the care worker so that it would go more smoothly for everyone. We went through every possible reason why my mother suddenly was refusing care. In the end it was just “because”. That is the great thing about Alzheimer’s…there is no logical reason for anything because nothing is logical. There are no black and white solutions....more
Hello there, Michelle! I can understand your frustration and anger at this horrible disease that ...more

I am Only a Mother!

It is very difficult to try to be the “perfect” mother. I really do not believe there is one, but I think all mothers still hope and pray they wil attain this goal. What I found out about myself this week is that I am more concerned about how our son behaves in that people will believe it is a reflection of how I am raising him, therefore coming back to judge me and my worth as this “perfect” mother. I try to continually remind him that he is our family representative when he visits friends or goes out in public....more
I think kids really like to just be kids, but society is so quick to turn them into adults. This ...more

Tuesday Nights #FoodRevParty - The Food Revolution Gone Viral

I was introduced to the “Food Revolution” through twitter, when I saw there was a hash tag #foodrevparty....more

Continuing my De-Cluttering Journey

I’ve had many requests to continue posting on my decluttering journey. If it weren’t for the help of Andrew Neary, I’d be truly lost. Initially I was guided to him by Peter Walsh. Peter has a great new app that I loaded which gave me kind of a quick course on how to declutter before Andrew came in. I’d recommend it to anyone. Today was finishing the bedroom. This was my birth house, so in my dresser was stuff from childhood!! Can ou believe that? Seriously, as Andrew said, if you have to look to see what is in that book you don’t even need it anymore!!...more

Celebrating an Empty Floor

Today I went into our former, beautiful basement to tackle the spare room. Crawling over a bed and some boxes, I reached the window to pull up the blind…it disintegrated in my hand! 1964 I believe was the year that window blind was born....more

Freeing a Bedroom

Today was the first day Andrew Neary, a Professional Organizer, came to our house to help us attack our clutter. We began in the master bedroom, which seems to be the dumping pit of the entire household. Even the dogs seem to leave their toys on our bed. How ironic that the place where you are supposed to go for rest and relaxation ends up being the laundry bin, toy bin and office all rolled into one. Andrew would empty a cardboard box in front of me and just tell me, “Go through that!”....more
Peter Walsh has great ideas for offices and storage. Go to Office Max and look up his design. ...more

Children at Home - What Will You Do With Them?

Often I hear parents complain about having their children home on weekends, or for winter-breaks and holiday time. They never seem to know “what they are going to do with them” at home. This shocks me every time, as we have our child with us on a daily basis and there never seems to be a lack of things we could be doing. My one issue is that I never have enough time to do all that we want to do together. Today it happens to be a snowy day, but our son got on his new outdoor rugged gear and did some service work by shoveling the drive and a neighbours pathway....more

Homeschoolers in Quebec Forced by Court to Put Children into School

This morning on the Toronto Sun News they were speaking of the liberties of people being taken from them by the State. I thought it was something from America, because surely this didn't happen in Canada! Well, it did and it has. A Quebec family were ordered by the court to place their 3 and 5 year old children out of homeschooling into daycare. The parents have no charges of neglect or abuse. There was a picture of the desk the children sat at to learn, with books neatly by the side. Nothing out of sorts in the house. The family is in shock....more

Quebec is a world of its own. And we can thank the notwithstanding clause for that...

I find ...more