It’s time for a new authentic Taiwanese recipe, guys! Over time, the more I cook for myself, the more I find myself going back to the dishes of my childhood. Since I was the oldest kid, I got the brunt of a more traditionally Taiwanese upbringing—including the palette. So now, my comfort foods are these dishes instead of the mac&cheese, pasta, ribs, and pizza that my brother would be seeking out today....more

Troubling Revelations in "Serial" Episode 10

I'm not usually very analytical or serious on this blog, but as I was hunkering down on my day off—because I'm sick to my bones—to listen to another episode of Serial, I found myself jolting upright immediately when I heard the following quote:...more

Things You Should Think About When Listening to 'Serial'

There’s a new hot podcast out there right now that’s topping This American Life (for all of you podcast nerds). It’s Serial, a journalistic investigation of the 15-year-old murder of high schooler Hae Min Lee and her boyfriend, Adnan Syed, who was convicted and is currently serving a life sentence in prison....more
theladyokie BlogHer thanks, Amanda :))more

Dual Existence

Taken in Venice, ItalyAs I'm writing this, my roommates' peals of laughter echo from one room down the hall. All 5 of them are in the same room, having what sounds like the time of their lives....more

Chicken Curry Rice Recipe

Yes, I'm aware I'm getting a little obsessive with the DSLR. But the pictures turn out so pretty!...more

Generation Y: On Stereotypes

I was browsing my blog reader while at my internship today and came across this article: How to think like the next generation. Which, of course, led me to What gen Yers don't know about themselves. As I read the slightly condescendingly worded article, I found myself wondering if I was part of Generation Y....more

Do You Need Protein Powder?

No. No. No. No. No protein powders. At least, that's what I used to think. Only for the past two months, I've been on a lifestyle changing journey. Ultimately, I've been trying to shape myself and my life to reflect my passions and ideal life more. A part of that is to lose all the weight I've gained in college. ...more
@CarolynY Exactly! Although I do enjoy meat, eating it more than twice a day would be way too ...more

Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup, with a few Recipe alterations, of course!

I love browsing recipes and planning on what to cook for next week. But I usually can't get too fancy because I don't have the funds to do so....more

Grandma's Secret Ingredient for Chinese Beef Noodle Soup? Just a Little Rum

Now that I live off-campus, I've realized how much I crave home cooking. I didn't miss it while living off of dining hall food, but that's probably because they distracted me with differently disguised fat.While I'm trying to eat a balanced, temporarily omnivorous diet (earlier this week I realized that I haven't been eating enough protein), I try to find recipes that are more protein-based rather than carb-based. The good thing about this recipe is that it can be tweaked to reflect either! ...more
This looks delicious! I can't wait to give it a try.more