No Words


One Month

Man. Being a new parent is hard. Did you guys know that babies eat every one to three hours around the clock? I had heard this urban legend before but for some reason thought my daughter would be one of those rare, magical, sleep-through-the-night exceptions. Nope, she is not. And this mama is tired ....more

And Then We Were Three

Maggie Sky came into this world at 11:59 a.m. on December 26, 2012. I’ll have to share her birth story another time as I’m still trying to digest the whole experience. (I will tell you that I didn’t get the epidural and my first words after her birth were, “I would NOT wish that upon anyone!”) ...more

36 Weeks

I’m nearing the end—or, I guess you can say, the beginning. I feel like she can pop out at any moment. My belly is no longer squished up against my boobs, but rather dropped low. Her head is way down there somewhere, making it hurt to shift or walk ....more

Ready Or Not

A very belated thank you for the kind comments and emails about my last post. Pregnancy is interesting—it can be such an isolating experience, but the moment you reach out, you realize how many women have been in your same position. It’s  reassuring, and I really appreciate all those who’ve shared their stories with me ....more

One Week (Or How This Pregnancy Took A Turn)

Pregnancy, for me, has turned out to be one big curve ball. My first trimester was one that would be considered easy. Minimal morning sickness. Test results all clear. A steadily, happily growing belly. Pregnant and recently pregnant friends who spent many months hovered over toilets would tell me how lucky I was to have no major issues. I guess I’d hit the pregnancy jackpot, I thought. Since they say your first trimester is often the worst, I figured the next several months would be a ...more

A Halloween Baby Shower


29 Weeks

Wanted to give a little update on my life, which, let’s face it, really means My Pregnancy, because whenever I try to think about other things in the world (goals, current events, politics), this little baby will suddenly punch me from inside the womb and cry, “Pay attention to ME, woman!” Okay, fine ....more

Baby Babble


Boy Vs. Girl

Thanks for reading my past journal entries! This is Michelle in the present at 17 weeks.   ...more