Walking in the Dark: Motherhood Depression

This post has been sitting as a draft for days because I was afraid to publish it. Motherhood depression is not fun to talk about, or read about....more

Family Dinner: Is It Worth It?

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@Meredith E. Ha! I have actually tried the yes sir/yes maam with my middle schooler, and he does ...more

Why I Always Give Money to Panhandlers

I was fifteen years old in 1993, and a very confused young girl. I had escaped from an environment of domestic violence and alcoholism, but I didn't know what to do with my newfound safety. I didn't know I deserved stability, so I rocked the boat. HARD....more
@Shellthings HI!!! I need to set my alerts better. I had no idea I was getting comments, lol.more

Niche, Smiche

Leave it to me to be nonconformist and difficult.Leave it to me to have about a gazillion choices at my disposal, and to still have to make up my own option. Leave it to me to not fit in any one place completely, but to fit in just a little bit pretty much everywhere. Sigh. This is why I struggled in high school. And middle school. OKAY! And elementary school. Jeez. (Except Kindergarten. I was homeschooled for Kindergarten.) In the blog world, there is something often referred to as a "niche". ...more

Her Light Could Not be Contained

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Hakuna Matata Pizza Fritatta

I love a fritatta. They are inexpensive and easy to make, and a really great technique to add to your fast meal repertoire. ...more

Worst Mom in the World

I get called this on a regular basis. There are two main culprits. One is my six year old daughter. The other, myself.I hate to admit it, but I suck at a lot of stuff. Here's a list:ConsistencyRoutineFollow throughChoresAllowanceMeal planningSticking to a budgetWaking up on time...more

Three Step Coffee Shop Mocha@Home

I'm keeping it simple this morning. I love a good coffee shop. I would spend my last dollar on coffee.But, we all have to make sacrifices, don't we? Did you know you can make a rich, frothy mocha at home? Without a cappuccino maker or other fancy machine?...more

For the Life of a Little Girl

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My first Linky! Come check it out!

I'd love to see your posts about Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 soap! What do you do with Dr. B's?Link up here!http://mishmashmama.blogspot.com/2013/01/my-first-linky-what-do-you-do-w......more