Sue Richards: My Struggle With Parkinson's

Editor's note: Many of you may know Sue Richards -- a blogging legend, artist, and social entrepreneur based in Guelph, Ontario. From her Breast of Canada calendar to her Menopause blog, Sue has helped countless women get the information and support they need for better health. Now, Sue is in need of help herself, and we at BlogHer decided to pitch in by spreading the word.-- Judy ...more
I was lucky enough to meet Sue at BlogHer 06 and own a couple of her calendars. She's an amazing ...more

Day One Wanted

Greetings from Canada, If anyone has a Day One Pass that they can't use, pretty please with sugar on top consider selling it to me. Merci eh! Sue Richards ...more

I've taken a 'Live Blogging' gig....which comes with a pass. See you there.

Sue Richards