Paleo grain free, gluten free pumpkin pie "oatmeal"

 A paleo, grain free pumpkin pie oatmeal perfect for summer and the senses here...more

Chinese bing a NOMMY street food

An asian spice salad NOT to miss

I'm sick and tired of the same boring salads with the same flavour combinations, today i was after something that'd give me a kick in the mouth with each bite, a zing, a zest, a pow, a kapootz! so i decided to just make one! This salad is sweet,spicy,sour, zesty.. yummy.. om nom.. oh sorry off topic!  ...more

Exploring the markets of china

I've been living in china for almost two years now, but never really explored or fed my curiosity of my soroundings. Since it's been my holidays i have had the opportunity to travel around and walk into streets i've always been curious about. ...more

Food raw or cooked? the benefits of both

We all know that vegetables are great for us and do us a world of wonders, but when it comes to HOW we eat them, we don't really think about it much at all. The way we cook our food, how long  and at what temperature we cook it changes the way it reacts and digests in our bodies. Below are just some examples of vegetables and how to eat them for maximum health benefits.Carrot: Cooked....more