The Coach's Kid Hates Baseball

Two weeks ago, my son started tee ball for the first time. I don't know which of us were more excited. He wore his mitt around the house for days beforehand, slapping a baseball in and out of it, telling people he's now a "real baseball player". I was excited to see him play his first sport! It was the sweet part of what most of us refer to as bitter-sweet as we watch them grow up. Seeing one of my kids so proud of themselves as they accomplish or learn something new is pretty incredible, and I could tell this would be one of those things....more

Sam Is Mad at Me: How to Teach Your Child to Read

"Sam is mad at me." "Sam is mad at me." "Sam is mad at me." Yesterday morning, I'm hearing this whisper chanted in my ear over and over. Lying in bed in the dark early hours of the morning, my five year old son, Trevor, is sitting up next to me repeating a sentence he read from his reading lesson the day before. He always tiptoes to my bed in the morning and snuggles with me for a while before we get up. My daughter does too. Today it seemed extra early though....more
@NinaLevin  Good to know. I'll have to check it out! :)more