A Mouse In My House

Pretend we’re meeting for lunch to discuss all of the fun adventures we had over Thanksgiving break.  Here’s what I MIGHT tell you:...more

I Am A Kmart Shopper

hahaha I love this post.  I am a K-mart shopper but only on Thanksgiving morning. Go ahead, ...more

The Pawpaw: Try It, You Might Like It

I have always loved to try new foods.  As a nutritionist, I have learned that this is a rare attribute.I don’t get it.  Whenever I walk through the produce section of a grocery store, I am fascinated by strange looking foods. I regularly get sidetracked by fruits and vegetables that I don’t recognize, and I end up spending ridiculous amounts of money to try strange new things.$6 for a pomelo?...more

10 Things I Learned From Completing A 60 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge

Have you ever heard of Bikram yoga?  Wait, let me rephrase the question. Have you ever heard of hot yoga?  Like, the super-hot, sweat inducing, feel like you might die yoga that takes place in a 105 degree room?  THIS is Bikram yoga, and it is awesome. More specifically, Bikram yoga is a form of Hawtha yoga which requires class participants to bend and contort their bodies into 26 different poses for 90 minutes. Yep, you read that right, one class is a whopping one and a half hours long!  ...more

An Easter Memory

I once had a job as a substitute classroom assistant.  It was a weird job.The Job Description:Answer your phone at 4:45 am on the random day(s) of the week that the school scretary decides that your help is needed.Fill-in for a "real" classroom assistant who needs a day of for medical, personal, or OTHER reasons (see below).Show up on time and assist the teacher with whatever needs assisting.Pay:...more
Pecked2DeathByChckns  Thanks! Happy Easter to you too!more