My Tuesday Reflections

Happy Tuesday Friends….sometimes there is so much on your mind, you just need to reflect on all the things that are going through my mind so here goes: 1. It was wonderful yesterday to spend the day with family enjoying and celebrating all the families that put their lives on the line everyday to protect the rest of us. ...more

Memorial Day

This picture brought such chills the first time I saw it…let us not forget all the men and women that make sacrifices including the families (wives, children and husbands) that will never spend another day with their family member! ...more

Longlazysunday: Week 75

Happy Almost Memorial Day…I am anxiously awaiting June to come because that will mean the end of the school year…woohoo!! Anyway today was a pretty easy going day…Little man and I spent most of the morning together…I wanted to take him to the park but was way too lazy because I wanted to finish reading Americanah (so good) and watch tennis. ...more

FridaySpiration: Plant Seeds of Greatness

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for today all week long. ...more

Mind on Poetry: Invictus

Happy Thursday…i really want it to be Friday but i can wait until one more sleep. I want to make sure i do the Mind on Poetry at least once a week so here goes. ...more

TMI: Do you do this in front of your partner?

Happy Tuesday Friends…am I the only one that is ready for Friday to arrive? I came across this list...more

What Are You Ready to Change?

Happy Monday Friends… I came across this Oprah magazine this morning which prompted me to want to ask the question about change....more

Longlazysunday: Week 74

The weeks are flying by and I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not. ...more

Fashion Friday: Cannes

Happy Friday Friends… I came across some beautiful gowns from the Cannes Film Festival and i wanted to share some including ones of Lupita…seriously the lady cannot do any wrong....more


I feel out of sorts with blogging lately but such as life with a blog…sometimes it happens....more