#20Questions: 18-20

Happy Monday Friends…i am excited about the end of my 20Questions…finally!...more

Longlazysunday: Week 72

And just like that May is here and what a beautiful May it’s been!! ...more

Hello May…

Welcome to May and it’s making me want to get married with all the lovely flowers and beautiful items…enjoy the lovely pictures! ...more

#20Questions: 17

Hope you are having a good Monday…rise and grind! 17. Does what...more

Why Attend a Blog Conference?

Sometimes it’s hard to just go on with your day when there is so much happening in the world (like the Nepal earthquake…my heart goes out to all of them); Bruce Jenner interview (kudos to him for doing what’s in his heart and for living in his own truth); another black man killed by the police (I pray for lives lost too soon and police lives); and all the other craziness in the news....more

Longlazysunday: Week 71

This Sunday was all about the little man and I! I am realizing the amount of energy it takes to spend the whole day with a toddler…so many activities to plan but at one point during our day we watched many Curious George episodes. ...more

#20Questions: 15-16

Good morning Friends…! I am so excited!! It’s...more

Celebrating Love: 4 Years

And just like that we’ve been married four years!!! Woohoo!!! Yesterday I met...more

Mother Earth is Precious…

And we should treat her as such. Not only because it’s Earth Day today but since having a child I have become more aware of the environment and how it needs to be treated! With kindness, love and appreciation because just like a human being, if I think of the Earth as a living breathing being then I am more likely to be precious to it every single day! ...more

#20Questions: 13-14

Good Morning Friends… I love questions 13 and 14 because lately it’s been on my mind! Even before I had a baby, I struggled with the acceptance of my body so it’s interesting that I get to answer this question again in this series. 13 ....more