Thank You Notes: Change

Happy Friday Friends!!! Today i am joining Mrs. AOK again over at A Work in Progress with her weekly Thank You Notes segment because i am feeling quite thankful today....more

Hump Day Inspiration

Just a little pick-me up for your Hump Day!! Question of the Day: How is your day going today? My answer: There is some nostalgia going on today as i am about to transition from my current position (because i like and will miss my clients) but excited for all that life has to offer to me!! ...more

Couponing Made Easy

This post is a paid sponsored post through MomAffiliate, however, all thoughts and opionions are valid and 100% mine. ***************************************** I was always one of those people that thought i didn’t have enough time to coupon and then we moved into a house and everything changed. When we were purchasing our very big and expensive couch (that we instantly fell in love with because it was so big and comfortable and could fit a whole basketball team), i was GLAD to come across a 15% coupon that made the whole purchase so much more affordable....more

Self Confidence Breeds Success

Recently i have been thinking about changing jobs and this week my talking and dreaming and scheming has become a reality and it all stems from self-confidence. Initially i think i was timid about celebrating my accomplihsments in my work....more

Longlazysunday: Week 59

Today was a good Sunday…I actually got myself and little man ready for church early enough! And I’m so glad, the sermon today was on point about praising God during frustrating, disappointing, good and happy times because his faithfulness is unfailing! And He may not show up when you expect Him to but He’s always on time!! ...more

Friday Funnies: Happiness

I was reminded, through a blog post by a lovely blogger this week, about the importance of enjoying every single moment of our lives because life is too short. Hope you make this Friday and every other day as special as you possibly can!! Find your happiness (today) where ever it is…mine is with my family snuggling on the couch tonight for our Friday Movie Night!!! ...more

Currently Watching…

Currently I have been watching a lot of shows when i am cooking, cleaning, laundering (is that a word?), driving (which is not that responsible of me) and it really helps to keep my chores fun and easy and moving right along without me stressing myself. There are some shows i have found on Netflix and others i have found on the network apps that have been a life saver…because there is nothing more boring than doing and folding laundry…but turn the iPad on and I am instantaneously entertained and forget about my boring chores. Currently here is what i am watching: Hart of Dixie:completely obsessed with this show right now ....more

Happy Birthday Dr. King

One of the things I am reminded of as we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday is that we should all be so lucky to live behind a long lasting legacy! We can all work hard and leave a bit of ourselves to better our families, each other and the world! ...more

Longlazysunday: Week 58

Today was all about catching up with some old friends and that’s always good!! We went to Dave & Busters and that was a whole lot of fun….can’t wait until Baby Pancakes can go places like that!! I indulged a little today and had some wine and chipotle…it was so yummy! ...more

2015 Blogging Plans

The idea of someday quitting my day job and working on my blog full time hasn’t completely materialized yet but of course a girl can always dream!! No seriously blogging continues to be fun for me and i am glad for that. ...more