Youth. Thank god it's wasted on the young.

I want to share of a smattering of judgemental catch phrases I am certain I uttered when I was in my youth.  In no way is this list intended to be comprehensive, just a few choice picks for this Sunday morning.  "I would NEVER have plastic surgery!"...more

Surprise, Surprise!

When I bought my house some years ago people were quick to make assumptions about my single-girl living arrangements.  The first was that I would have a roommate.  When I told them that I was buying a much more modest place than the bank suggested I could afford because my goal was to live alone, they immediately made a strange second assumption. "Oh!  Good!  Then you can walk around naked!" ...more

When love walks in the room don't have pink monkey socks on.

Today on my way home from work it was sunny and beautiful when the sound of Chrissy Hynde's voice came over the radio singing, "Message of Love".  Now, I'm not really a musical type and most of my friends consider my musical taste lacking. Even so, I have to share my opinion about Chrissy Hynde.I think she is shockingly underrated. ...more

It never adds up...or subtracts for that matter.

This morning I woke up face-to-face with the biggest tragedy of my life.  I don't like to think about it because it hurts so darn much. My tragedy?  I am horrible at math.  That's right.  The only joy in this life that truly eludes me is mathematics.  I suck at math.  Really.  Like a mental block, not enough IQ points, sexist, it's-not-my-fault-yes-it-is-its-your-life-why-dont-you-study condition. ...more

Paper, rock, scissors....BOOT!

What a weird few days.  I've had so many thoughts spinning through my brain that I literally can't contain or remember them all.  I've written and re-written several posts in my head but typically when I am driving or working so I can't capture those thoughts.  In other words, the good stuff is gone but you are welcome to stay and read what's left. ...more

All this and I still want more.

Not too long ago I lied to my brother about having read Viktor Frankl's memoir, Man's Search for Meaning. I lied mostly because it was easy but also because I knew that one day I would read it.  I was simply waiting for the right time, something that in this case would be dictated by my mood.  I knew that it would not be easy to read. I was right. It's not easy to read. ...more

Everyone does it.

We both know it's true. Everyone does do it and they do it all the time, many of them do it every single day!  If you think I am referring to making the beast with one back, you are incorrect.  I am talking about making mistakes. God, how I loathe mistakes. The only thing I loathe more than making a mistake is when I start getting visibly flummoxed by having made a mistake.  A visible case of the nerves is akin to blood in the water and the only time I am not swimming in shark infested waters is here at home....more