Interracial Dating

I had originally posted the following on my go-to site as a forum discussion after being selected to be a discussion panelist for a live community panel following an off-Broadway show for next week.While my main goal is to see the thoughts and experiences of my local community at first, I figured I would expand the discussion to the open web hoping some would be brave enough to share. I haven't received as much feedback as I have been hoping for considering most of my forum discussions usually take off right away....more

Riverwalk Recap!

Thanks to everyone that went and helped make this year's Annual Riverwalk & Boat Parade a success!...more

How wearing the right shoes can make a valuable impact.

 Ok, so we no longer live in the 80s or 90s when women’s heels in the workplace were confined to 2 inch block pumps in navy, black, brown and oh God- taupe. Yes, we’re 8 years into the millennium. We’ve made our peace with frumpy conservative looks. We’ve said good-bye to bulky shoulder pads and anti-form fitting, elastic waistband skirts too. ...more