Self Image and an Ever Expanding Waistline...

Self imagine is a bitch. It's especially a bitch if you are a woman. Now, I can't speak for men in these struggles and I know that they have their own batches of them, but as an American woman we are scrutinized every day for how we look. The idea of what beauty is changes with the decades, the generations, and the fads. We are held to a standard of what is beautiful by the media and our peers. Unfortunately much of that standard is based on our body shape....more

What I want for Mother's Day...

I keep reading articles and blogs that talk about “What I Want For Mother’s Day”. They talk about breakfasts, jewelry from husbands, brunch outings, days at the spa, and a mass of other trivial bits of nonsense that don’t really mean anything....more
Wow! Can I have your boy? He is so sweet. You are one lucky mom! --One day, some girl would be ...more

The legacy of a great mom...

I think I might be biased when I say I have the greatest mom in the world. I mean, she is MY mom. So of course I would think that, right?But the truth is, I really do....more

Farewell Maurice Sendak - Love, a little girl who dreams

Hudson Maxim Elementary School, the early 80’s. My librarian was Mrs. Bernstein. She once told me she was 92 years old. I don’t know if that was true or not. I don’t know why she told me that either. But she was a woman who loved books and loved children. She took being an elementary school librarian as a gift, and she loved to read to us. To open our minds....more

Bob Dylan: Soundtrack of My Lifetime

Some of my earliest childhood memories were set to the soundtrack of the crack and pop of vinyl on the record player in my parent's living room. There were tapes too, but our household was one of records. Played loudly through the speakers that seemed so huge, they might as well have been suspended from the ceiling of Madison Square Garden. Dancing, singing, spinning in circles in the living room to the music that was so infused in my blood from such a young age that it seemed like part of me. Part of my family....more
Amen to everything you wrote. I specially enjoyed your vivid description of how music lovers ...more

Mirror mirror on the wall...a little self-reflection is all...

Mirror mirror on the wall...who's the....uh...oh, shit.That's me, isn't it?...more

Shayfer James...nothing borrowed, something new...

What is this noirpop?Pop on over to those interwebs, do a search for Shayfer James, and you have found it. And I promise you, you will never be the same....more

...Coffee and Bunnies...why didn't I think of this?

...the mind wanders to strange places when it's left idling.Lately I have been having serious issues with myself. Self esteem. Self worth. Wondering what I am good at. What I am bad at. Where I need to improve. Why sometimes I feel like I am screaming from the back of the room to a crowd of people wearing ear plugs. Why I don't feel like I measure up. My work, my home life, my abilities as a mom, my abilities as a friend, a partner, a daughter, a sister. Feeling lonely and contained. I don't really know why....more

..toddlers who wear pants that say "JUICY" across the butt, and other grumbles...

What in the world have we done to our women?Now I know...we are women. We know who we are and what we want and blah blah blah.This is not an article about bra burning, unshaven armpits, or poster board on sticks. It's about pride....more
 @eisforerin I understand alimony and divorce very well. I endured one personally. I went ...more

...rambles about life, the little things, and penguins...

There is this great line in Kevin Smith's movie Jersey Girl...which, I will admit, was not a great movie...but it came out right around when my son was born, so it hit me a certain way. Then I got divorced. It took on a whole new meaning. Still total cheese...but cheese that hit me in the heart. I don't own it like I do the rest of the collection of View Askew films, but I will watch it whenever it is on TV, and I will usually cry. Because I am a sap....more