Caregiver Couture What's in your caregiving closet ?

I am the youngest of two sisters. My oldest sister is 16 years older than I am. She is very stylish a world traveler and all around conversationalist. She is "The most interesting woman in the world". My other sister? Well she's 13 years older than I am very eclectic and I'll leave it at that.Then there's me.I am a caregiver, pet mom, real mom and wife. I dress depending on what life dictates on any given day....more

Caring for both kids and Parents .There's never a dull moment around here.

Sometimes as a caregiver–especially to carees with dementia–you HAVE To, I say Have TO, get out and enjoy some time away even if it’s for an hour. Your caree can really drive you to the brink of insanity at times. I thought once I was away from my mom who has dementia the caregiving would stop until I got back home. That is not true....more