How to work "The Secret" when the economy is melting down

Since the past several years have been economically robust, it's been easy to believe in The Secret. When we visualized more, more was usually delivered; such is the beauty of a bull market. But now that the global financial markets are in such chaos will The Law of Attraction continue to work? And if it does work, should we be urging Paulson and Bernanke to get out some stacks of magazines and make up a vision board showing economic prosperity? Well, it couldn't hurt. ...more

The Secret at Work

This week is one of the few where we are not on vacation and the kids have no activities booked save for a few playdates. Yesterday, I decided to take them on errands (Costco to be exact) and, well, not a whole lot got accomplished. So today, my mom came over to sit and I set out to conquer my to do list. ...more

Is blogging robbing you of bliss?

Thank you to those of you who commented or sent me an email. I'm not sure how you found me so quickly but I'm glad you did! ...more

Dwelling on Dwell

Note: Cross posted at Dwell on These Things. I love Sundays. Not because I get to sleep in (with kids? Ha!) Not because I get to go out for brunch (again, with kids? Ha!) I love them for the sermons. ...more

I find that triggers help me to dwell on these things. There are so many negative triggers ...more

A few steps forward, a tiny step back

Alright. I've been practicing The Law of Attraction. I know, I know. Express train to Flakeyville, non? ...more

Hi Miss Bliss,

Welcome.  I too am new to Blogher and have been been through my fair ...more

In Search of Bliss

Ahh. What topic to choose. What topic to choose. Am I a wellness writer? Does this piece belong in life? I consider the journey I've undertaken a spiritual one but "religion and spirituality" sounds so serious. Perhaps I'm too irreverant for this topic. But then again, since a picture of someone's torso is running down the sidebar (very nice abdominals by the way), I'm thinking that this is probably the perfect place for me to write.  ...more