The day I saw my dad cry

It’s only happened a few times.  That I’ve seen.When his mom died, his dad, our sweet golden retriever Cookie, and my wedding day.And I quote his Father of the Bride speech, “I didn’t lose a daughter that day…I gained a bathroom.”  But his jokes didn’t fool me.  I saw his eyes when we had our dance.  For the 3 seconds I could handle looking before my heart was a puddle of mush on the floor.  Geeze, Dad, don’t cry.  I paid good money for this makeup job.  Or, wait.  Maybe it was your money....more

Good riddance, bread

Tootaloo. Bye bye. Farewell. See ya. Wouldn’t want to be ya.Store bought bread is leaving my house, folks.My husband and I have been talking for months about how we really want to bake our own bread more consistently. It’s something we have been doing semi-regularly, but we both have had growing convictions about how to make it a part of our weekly or daily family rhythms. Like in a don’t buy store bread anymore kind of way.Much of this is out of disgust....more

Live Well Simply

Live well simply…no, simply live well. However you put it, I mean to take the pressure off, to make wellness feel personal and purposeful yet simply and refreshingly simple....more

Fall Flavors in this Healthy Smoothie

Well, I have to admit, I have treated myself with this simple recipe a couple of times already. The first time was experimental. Then the next time was for blog photos. Then, the next time and  the next time…well, those were because I love this fall  smoothie in the morning....more

Withholding Sugary Snacks Won't Lead to Eating Issues

They are like any other child without sugar impulse control. So when a huge sugar laden cupcake is set in front of them, they are most likely going to give into temptation if provided the opportunity. Sometimes they are left to their own devices as they devour a treat like that.  Other times, I limit their little hands’ reach. It is in those publicly limiting situations where the eyes (and sometimes comments) of judgment are laid upon me leaving others believing they possess a general feel for my parenting style that, "could lead to eating issues down the road, you know." ...more
I love this post.  My girls are are now Junior High and upper elementary school aged, but we ...more

Coming Clean—I am a little Crazy!

Me, WAYYYY at the front of the room, doing what I love to do--striving to inspire women to LIVE WELL ...more

I Have a Story. What's Yours?

I have a story. It’s no more or less significant than anyone else’s. But it is mine to embrace into my own consciousness. And it is mine to give away piece by piece for the hope and good of others. I believe that I am better for what has happened to me despite that it has made my life exponentially more complicated and in many ways challenging. When I became a widow at age 32 I didn’t fully understand what happened and how my story had taken a turn....more

Changed. Dare I Say, For the Better?

Grief changes you. Well, it changed me. But I believe that it has the potential to bring out new dimensions, new perspectives and yes, even new opportunities in the ‘griever’s’ life. It’s has been a touch over two years since my future dreams were crushed along with an utter alteration in my children’s futures. Our history was rewritten in the matter of but one solitary yet insurmountable occurrence; the death of my husband, best friend and my girls’ Daddy. And, oh what a loyal and loving husband he was. What an adoring, enthusiastic and protective daddy!...more

Oatmeal Makeover x6

Are you getting bored with the same old same old oatmeal for breakfast?  Need some healthy ideas for livening up that boring bowl of oatty goodness?Today’s post is for you!I love my oatmeal, but I have to admit, it can get a little redundant.  When I’m lacking in nutritional creativity my go to staple is apple cinnamon.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s delicious and nutritious, but it’s good to mix it up a bit....more

Turning Point Towards Authenticity

What’s it gonna take for you? I have seen so many women (mostly because I only really work with women but I am sure failed behavior change plagues men too) spend their time spinning their wheels, round and round, up and down the same mountain never to explore new heights of personal success.What is real change going to take for YOU?...more