A Couple that (Blanks) Together, Stays Together

Each morning, my work day starts when I check my personal email, the latest celebrity gossip and my horoscope...on two different sources. It's most obviously the gospel and completely accurate...right?   Regardless, I find it amusing.  Especially when there's a sweet life lesson hidden in.  Kind of like today..  Today's horoscope (Cancer) read:  ....You will get a lot of pleasure and insight from looking at what others have accomplished to stand the test of time. Investigate lasting relationships today, too....more

Reflections from My Father's Transplant

My boyfriend stood tall on the suede couch (much to my dismay) yelling out touchdown as the commentators described the long, lean length and speed of Ginn's legs (only in sports would that seem like a relatively normal discussion between straight men). It was Sunday afternoon and I was not apart of this celebration.  Nor, did I want to be.  I was knee-deep in a story about a 4-year old girl who was suffering from heart failure.  The toothy grin on my boyfriend's face did nothing to stop my steady stream of tears.  The little girl w...more

Still Waiting ... to be Engaged!

They've talked about marriage. They both agree this is where their four-year relationship is going. But when is he going to ask? Being his wife and starting a family is all that she can think about and it doesn't feel like he's getting any closer to popping the question. What's a woman to do? ...more
I completely agree with you.  Relationships are such a double edged sword..  How do we, as ...more

The Return of Lost Love

In life, I am positive we all posess a type of silent whistle only our exes can hear.  Whenever you are truly happy in a relationship, a siren of hurricane proportion goes off and within moments a long lost love will bombard your life with positive reinforcement of the relationship you once had.  They will reminisce about how in love they were, they will apologize for any hurt they may have caused and then as if they refuse to accept your new significant other...they will plead to stay in touch.  Having been in my current relationship for over three years, I...more

I wish I had an answer. My current significant other WAS maintaining contact with his ex for I ...more

Minor Breakdown...Dealing with Stress

I'm a perfectionist.  I thrive when given a new task and enjoy creating things my way (the right way...of course!).   Okay, maybe not thrive.  More like heart-thumping anxiety and end-less planning to get the job done above what was expected.  This works well in the business world....more

Fundraising Close To Home

Fundraising for a cause.  I've been doing this for years....Nothing new.  I was fundraising coordinator for various clubs in college and did some volunteer fundraising in high school.  Admittedly, all of this was to pump up my resume....more

I was focusing on the actual "baking" part of the bake sale and didn't think of that!

How ...more

Terrified of Change

I would consider myself the girl nextdoor, the plain-jane.   I've become complacent in my routine.  My make-up is minimal, primarily used to cover blemishes and even my skin tone.  Eye shadow is something I play around with on a Saturday evening, only to realize I look rediculous and wipe it away....more

I use to have low lights and I loved them. It's definitely worth the vist to the salon :)more

25 to Life

I know one day, I'll look back at this post and scoff at my technique, content and probably even my lack of personality.  Just bear with me. As someone in her smack-dab, middle twenties I feel like I'm a breakdown away from the loony-bin.  I'm positive my boyfriend wakes up in the middle of the night, looks adoringly at me and then wonders how the heck I can possibly look at peace when all my waking hours I'm frazzled and moody.  I'm a Cancer, it's in my astrological sign..sorry hun, nothing I can do about that. With that said, yes, without the conse...more