All the lonely people

For the last week, I've been working on a big, long, ugly project, from home.Well, when I say "working"...I've procrastinated and complicated the project, because I'm afraid of letting it go. I don't want to go back to the office; I don't want to join the family for the holiday nonsense. So long as the project is unfinished, nobody can come close to me. I mean it. I throw fits if they do....more

Bump over to 2010 resolutions

Wow I love this post on 5 things this lady meant to do in 2009, and means to do in 2010. So copycat that I am... (The real difficulty is limiting myself to five. But I've just written a 50-item list for another blog post, and it's almost morning. So prioritizing real fast....)...more

Wow, a "welcome" message. This made me feel like I just moved into a new town with friendly ...more

What THIS woman wants from men

Since my resentment at being lumped under "women" by this pointless list has made me go and start a blog and be yet another voice in the cacophany, I might as well reproduce the full list here, with my comments (in italics).Full disclosure: I'm 37. The original article was probably written by a 14 year old wanting to sound 25....more

Why I prefer a blog to a shrink, only if I don't have to use tags

A new silent majority?I can't seem to relate to any of the tags here. Or anything I see on TV, for that matter, or any bestsellers. Any item that men's magazines include in lists of "what women wish men knew." Am I particularly disconnected from modern reality, or is there a group of intelligent independent thinkers out there who find themselves equally difficult to pigeonhole?...more