Catching Fire!!

WARNING: there are spoilers ahead for Catching Fire and possibly the Hunger Games and Mockingjay as well so don't say I didn't warn you. Read at your own risk!!So last night I finally had a chance to see Catching Fire in theaters for the first time. I had to wait a long time to see it which made it all the sweeter. It turned into a mini-ordeal because the first theater I tried to see it at at 7:10 was sold out(!) so I ended up seeing it at 9:50 which means I was up really late and feeling surprisingly not zombie like for as little sleep as I got....more

Travel Far

I love this beautiful piece of artwork. It's beautiful in general but the quote is also very touching. "Travel far enough you meet yourself" (Cloud Atlas) I don't know if you know this, but I love to travel. Any place anywhere....more

Kids Are Capable of More Than We Give Them Credit For

but yet we send them mixed messages and treat them like they are incapable.Hopefully today’s post will be a little shorter  Also, thank you for all your positive comments yesterday. I was worried and it appears as though I didn’t need to be.So let’s talk about kids and capability today. Because, you see, I think we underestimate the capability of kids, especially in today’s helicopter parenting world....more

Being World Changers

"If history is full of scoundrels who have caused - and are causing - economic, political, and cultural injustices to be visited on others, it is also full of people who have worked and are working to overcome them." - Achieving Social Justice: A Christian Perspective by Ronald J. WilkinsI have been reading this (quite old) textbook on Christians and social justice and this quote (and really the whole section it's in) just really struck me....more