A Bittersweet Father's Day Gift


An ode to the robotic vacuum cleaner

In the field of happiness studies, also known as positive psychology, the general consensus is that greater happiness is obtained from pursuing experiences and social connections than obtaining material things. The reason being that although a pair of shoes upon puchase, for example, can make a person near euphoric it is only temporary due to our human ability for environmental adjustments.  Think first hot shower after a camping trip compared to the same hot shower several days later.  ...more

Breaking Bad

Employers in the United States are not mandated to provide paid vacation or holidays to their employees thus contrasting sharply with any other industrialized nation in the world. In view of this, I believe the logical mental leap here would be to think that those of us who get paid vacation would put it to good use. Not so. US employees perform rather poorly in the vacation department and as many as 60% of us end up working during the breaks we do take.  How did we end up with a workation culture?...more

Inspirational Experiences at the PBWC

Inspirational experiences are great career boosters. I am personally really fired up after attending the Professional Business Women of California conference in San Francisco yesterday (http://pbwcconference.org). Over five thousand participants seeking the same end goal, gender equality.  ...more


When my son Webster was about 2 years old, he inherited a large fully equipped bright pink doll house.  He was not yet conditioned to associate the color or the function with a traditional toy for girls and he loved it.  His play involved putting out fires in the building, Spiderman fighting Venom on the roof, and rescuing the dolls from dinosaur attacks. Meanwhile, girls visiting for playdates had tea parties, put the dolls to bed, and made dinner in the kitchen.  Fast forward a year or so to Webster sitting in a sandbox playing with a boy a couple of years older than him. Webster picks up a pink shovel and his play date quickly points out that pink is for girls and thus initiates the beginning of the end for the pink doll house....more

The Change Challenge

Without change women would not be voting, not working outside the home, not wearing yoga pants and certainly not writing blogs about gender observations.  I think that there are three fundamental change agent drivers for us humans. We can be motivated by one, two, or all three at once but without one of these nudging us along, status quo prevails....more


For those of you who read my blog post Legotarian you already know that my son Webster no longer wants to associate himself with pink or anything “girlie,” which absolutely includes princesses. I was therefore a little surprised when he requested to have a Disney’s Frozen party for his 7th birthday....more

Batting with boys

At a recent Little League baseball game my attention, to be perfectly honest, was somewhat divided between watching my son Webster play, chatting with other mums and working a little on my laptop, when all of a sudden I thought I spotted a swinging ponytail out of the corner of my eye.  Long haired boys are not uncommon where we live, so I focused my eyes fully on the field and to my delight discovered that the opposing team did indeed have a girl player.     ...more

Running Rogue

It is with some embarrassment that I want relay a story of how I lost of my car and temporarily, it appears, my mental capacity. Recently, I went into the driveway with my cars keys in hand and found my car missing. I was shocked. First of all, I had not heard any suspicious noises and second, who would want to steal my car? I will spare you great details but my car is by no standards flashy or fast, which is exactly what my husband pointed out when I called him....more

Selective Hearing

Accordingly to the sound expert Julian Treasure (http://www.juliantreasure.com), we spend 60% of our communication time listening but only retain 25% of what we hear—25%!—So if you feel that you are not being heard, you are likely entirely accurate....more