Soooo I met my man's kids this weekend.  I'm gonna call him Mike.  Anywho, I was going to let him spend Friday night with them before I came over Sat....more

First time for everything?!?!? Even at 32 y/o!

Okay so me and the guy I met on a dating site decided this past weekend that we only wanted to date each other.  "Exclusive" I guess you call it.  Anywho.......cute story.........We were on our way to an Eric Church concert and he asked me if he had a girlfriend.  I said, "I don't know, do you?"  He said, "I'm asking you.", so I said, "yep, you do".  LOL   Like a couple of kids.  Hehehe.  Do you like me?  Check yes or no.  LOLOL I have my daughter 2 weekends out of the month, back to back.  And he has his kids every other w...more


This weekend was a quiet uneventful weekend.  I was suppose to go to a wedding as a favor for a friend......drove over to it but got lost :(  So I never made it to the wedding.  Oh well.......   Only downfall was that the night before, I told my daughter that we would go to that same friend's house and visit and my daughter could play with the horses there, but the weather was so bad (tornado warning/watch) and I'm terrified of tornadoes, so we didn't go.  Saturday as we were getting ready for the wedding, I told my daughter that maybe after the we...more

Feeling complete.......

I'm in a gloomy mood today.....must be the weather we're having down here in the South.  Cloudy, rainy, muggy........little to no Winter this go round.  Makes me ready for Spring and Summer.  I enjoy the Winter because I can actually walk outside and take a deep breath, unlike the Summer, when I feel like I'm smothering all the time. But today is going to get better because my daughter comes home =) It's been almost 7 and a half years since my fist husband and I divorced.  Our daughter was barely 3 then.  Since then, with the exception of this Summer, w...more

It's a Humpin & Leapin kinda day!!!

I've done this before but haven't done it in a long time.  The blog I started is lost somewhere in the world wide web because I forgot my password.  If you knew me, this is where you would say, "Imagine that!"  LOL Anywho......I am a single mom of a very beautiful and smart 10 year old (going on 20) daughter.  I absolutely do not know what I would do if she wasn't in my life.  I'd be bored for sure.  ;-)  As I said, I'm single.....AGAIN!  UGH!!!  2nd marriage down the drain....or at least on it's way.......separated nearly 11...more