15 Websites for the Tech-Savvy

If anybody knows me they know I'm a junkie for apps. My Blackberry and PC are full of applications to make things easier. I usually stray away from web applications. However, there are websites that offer services I just can't ignore. I have place for them in my bookmarks. Some of them I use often while others are scarcely used. They are still very helpful and very friendly for the tech-savvy. For me, they're really good for blogging, writing, and designing. Others are just for pure fun. The rest are to fulfill my complex of needing to be organized at all times. ...more

Life Is Like An Episode of The Hills

I haven't really seriously blogged here in a while. I have 4-5 drafts saved from months ago, but my mind tends to drift off topic and I start over. I guess I've decided to use my site as a semi-outlet becaue it seems that there are so many dramatic events happening around me. I haven't watched The Hills seriously in the past two seasons. I had to admit, it was a huge guilty pleasure. ...more

Where can I go?

I've been a blogger now for nearly four years. However, I've been a Christian for longer. As a blogger and web designer, I spend a lot of time online. I do a lot of SEO work and dealing with social networking. For years I've been searching for a place to better explore my Christian lifestyle by meeting other Christians. ...more