Friday Freebies

FINALLY FRIDAY!!  I plan to dedicate Friday to help you save money or even get some things for free!  Who doesn't like to save money? 1.  ThirsTea Beverages - To receive a free sample, send an email ( They will send you one of their selections....more

Mid-Week Doldrums

This & ThatHo-Hum, it's Wednesday.  I think the reason they call it "Hump Day" is because it is so hard getting up to finish the day.  Then the rest of the week is full steam ahead!  Didn't get much accomplished today, unless you consider cruising the internet and watching a Lifetime Movie productive!  ha haIn The News...more

Monday Fun-Day

THIS & THAT...more

Antiquing and Weekend Plans

Good afternoon everyone!  Hope this finds you ready to begin the weekend....more

News Squawk!

Well, I'm back again. I should give you fair warning regarding today's blog because I will be discussing Gun Control and Lance Armstrong.Without trying to be politically bias, I would like to comment on  President Obama's new Gun Control Proposal.  Before I start, I must add that I have read the entire 15 page Proposal that was signed today.  With that being said here are my main issues with these proposals (which by the way do not have to be approved by Congress):The President’s plan includes:...more


Holy cow - who knew it would take this much time to start a blog. Well, I actually started yesterday with another upstart blog & didn't like it as well as this avenue. So here I am -  a day later than my original plan....more