I wear earplugs at night due to Someone's snoring.Sometimes when I wake up I put them in the pocket of my robe. I take a lot of vitamins in the morning.Sometimes when I wake up I put them in he pocket of my robe. Sometimes I reach into the pocket of my robe, pull out a handful of what is in there, toss everything in my mouth, and swallow it with a swig of coffee ....more

Dear Momma I saw at the Doctor Today With the Nine Month Old Triplet Boys,

Dear Momma I saw at the Doctor Today with the Nine Month Old Triplet Boys,I really want to say, first off, that I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.Because when I realized that in addition to your toddler daughter, there were three identical infant boys, and I had an instant spliced image in my brain of one half a pregnant-with-triplets you (you look fantastic, by the way) and the other half three babies all screaming at once at 3am, all I could manage to sputter to you was, "God bless you." And that's so not okay, because "God bless you" was one of those things people used to say to me, when I had four children under four. And I never knew how to take it ....more

It's a three year old thing

Bethie is doing great. She started speech therapy and is learning to say "Yesssssssssss." She's energetic, smart, and hilarious. But something pretty horrible happened last October ....more


Inspired by the Oscars.Our gift, to you ....more

One year to normal

I can't tell you how many hair products and shea butter based lotions I've tried in the past twelve months, searching for the magic paraben free formula that will detangle curls or soothe away excema. Last night I found an half used tube of cream in the back of the cabinet. I began to rub it on Bethie's squirming, smooth, freshly bathed brown skin ....more

Happy 2014!

One of my new year's resolutions was to blog more. Like, once a week even. It's two days into the second week already '14 so I had better get something on the page ....more

Giving thanks: for finding my wedding ring and not marrying a pothead

I'm thankful that my wedding ring decided it missed me enough to be reunited with my finger. I 'misplace' my wedding ring regularly. But there are only so many places that I places it so it always manages to show up eventually ....more

Math class is even tougher

In 1991, I was a raging feminist, like all good juniors at the University of Texas at Austin. I mean, I shaved my legs, because I was a raging feminist who still wanted to get asked out on dates. And I still wore cute shoes and big earrings ....more

That morning

Robert Clark—INSTITUTE I was teaching PreKindergarten. I walked my kids to music class and saw some teachers watching TV in the library. When I joined them they told me that one of the Twin Towers had been hit by a plane and while we were watching, the other was hit ....more

Whassup August

Yes, I'm saying Whassup to be ironic....more