who me a stepdad?

http://thesaltygrape.com/stepdad/  When saying good night last night on the phone with Suferboy our conversation sort-of turned out a little different than usual and the conversation went in a direction on a subject that we never really talked about before.   This is how it went:Note:  I don’t usually send SB articles on family and relationships.  I may use careful consideration next time.me:  Hi love, did you have a good night?SB:  Yeah, everything was great!...more

banana bread

I love banana bread.  All six of us love banana bread.  I made five mini loaves at Surfer Boy's house last weekend along with four dozen chocolate chip cookies.  SB wrapped presents, and I baked. It was quiet.  It was just us....more

chili burgers

A few weekends ago I made Chili Burgers (a.k.a Sloppy Joes) ....more
Perfect for right after a hockey game! I might have to try this :)more

about us

This is my love and me. He makes me laugh every day.     ...more

hostile bio parent

http://thesaltygrape.com/hostile-bio-parent/  Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard stories about divorced couples and how one of the parents becomes completely hostile, or if you are living in it?  *Raising my hand!!* If you don’t know what this is, please let me explain in my very long explanation that follows. First, let me state that Surfer Boy and I do not claim to be experts or perfect but we definitely do not practice hostility towards our kids when it comes to the other bio-parents.   We wa...more

granola bars

http://thesaltygrape.com/granola-bars/  My kids love granola bars.  With all the hype over food labels, GMO's in the news recently, pesticides, carcinogenic hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and all the other longer shelf life chemicals they put in food, I decided to get back to my original foundation of cooking things from scratch, using organic as much as I can, and really watching food labels.  Even though I have maintained purchasing these items as much as I can, I have b...more

new traditions in a blended family

Blending old traditions with new traditions is not always as tricky as you might think.  I am singing a new tune today even though last week I let everyone know how stressful it can be.  At least Halloween in this blending family went off with lots of smiles and some very tired kids.  This mom even has a war wound on my leg.  When out in the neighborhood trick-or-treating some scary monster attacked my leg!  If only that was how the story went.  That would be less embarrassing, but not exactly what happened....more

it cant all be be bunnies and flowers