book report: I've got your number by Sophie Kinsella

 I am on a book buying ban this year. It's something I set for myself, I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I need to constantly remind myself, as I LOVE buying books.I put myself on such a ban because I keep buying books in various languages that I can read, but not read them. Sure the books in the bookstores look very interesting all sitting there in the lights and the new book smell, but once they get home into my bookshelf...all the shininess just falters. ...more

Matcha Icebox cookies

In an attempt to put things on my 32 for 32 list that are not as scary as giving blood, or learning to ride the scooter, I have listed making icebox cookies as one of them, it also helps me to fill out the list, since 32 items is getting to be a lot of work.<...more

I have cold feet

I finally returned to taiwan, and find that it's dark, damp & cold. So what's a knitter to do in this sort of weather? put on some hand knit socks. For reasons unknown to me, I pulled out my lone socks, and matched them into a pair....more

Daddy Dearest

My dad, as a businessman, heads out to dinner with clients most nights of the week, and sometimes when he comes home not too drunk, he tells me great stories about his past....more


Most of us has them (unless you are an only child, then you only have cousins & friends who are like sisters/brothers to you)I, myself, am a middle child.  I have an older sister AND a younger brother. We are all very far apart in age.  I am younger than my sister by 7 years, while my brother is younger than me by 5.  ...more