Sunday Confession

Not sure who reads my blog, but for those that do, there were no Sunday Confessions last week. This week is not so much a confession as much as an explanation. Last Sunday, my friend/coworker called me to tell me that our beloved boss and good friend, had passed ....more

Sunday Confession

Welcome to another addition of Sunday Confession...where I tell you something earth shattering.Wait?What?It's not earth shattering?Hmm, I thought I was more interesting.I digress.Today I am going to tell you something that will amaze you, stun you, make you reconsider life in general.I am tall.Like 6ft tall.Guess what? I like it. Growing up I was not a fan of being taller than everyone else ....more

Halloween 2014, Unknown to Protect the Innocent

We have arrived.Halloween 2014.Yes.Like the meme says "At 12 midnight, Bam! Christmas carols everywhere!"Let's not get ahead of ourselves.I was fortunate enough to meet up with one of my oldest & dearest, favorite friends ever...Karen. ...more

Sunday Confession

I was beaten by an 8 yo. Yep. Apparently, we were having a contest but I was unaware ....more

Sunday Confession

Ok, we all have that one somebody in the celebrity world that we really "don't get", like why they are a celebrity or how they even go to that status.Here is mine: Lena Dunham.I just do not get it.I do not see her appeal.Yes, yes, she's self depreciating, but so am I.Yes, she's chubby & not afraid to show her curves.I get that.I just don't get how she is revered by so many people.Lena is probably a really nice person, sweet in fact. ...more

Giving Back

This past Saturday I had the very fortunate opportunity to volunteer my time with the Ronald McDonald House of South Jersey. I took my 8yo with me. ...more

Sunday Confession

What do I have to confess this week?I know you are all waiting with bated breath.I can tell. ...more

You know....

You know you have been to the WaWa one too many times when the cashier waiting on you says: "Where's your Sizzli? You usually get a French Toast Sizzli" You know that you pick the hairs on your chin in the mini van a little too much, when your 8yo son picks up said tweezers, flips the visor down & says "I have to pick the hair off of my beard!" So, what do you do a little too much? ...more

Sunday Confession

Here again.Sunday Funday.Of course it's time for confessions.This one, for some of you, may not come as a surprise...others who don't know me so well will be like "Whaaaaat?" I, Meghan, author of this blog, loathes & despises: Can you believe it?I can not stand watermelon.Even to touch it.I think it goes back to my days of cashiering. ...more

Sunday Confessions

For many of you, this will be a sad, sad, day and a horrific confession.Please, for those of you with heart conditions, you may want to sit.I know that I will lose many of you...if you are out there anyone out there?It's time I came clean.Time I confessed.I, Meghan of Meghan's Mindless Mutterings, do declare, I can not stand Nutella!!! I will give you all a minute to recoup and let it sink it.It's true.I can not stomach it.I remember when I first tried it.Took a big ole honkin spoonful and like to die.The chocolate is not what does it, it's the disgusting hazelnut they add to.Just keep the hazelnut out and everything will be yummy in the tummy.My grandfather used to love those Ferrare Roche candies.YUCK!Again, hazelnut.So tell me, is there something the world is nuts about and you just can not stand? ...more