Sunday Confessions

For many of you, this will be a sad, sad, day and a horrific confession.Please, for those of you with heart conditions, you may want to sit.I know that I will lose many of you...if you are out there anyone out there?It's time I came clean.Time I confessed.I, Meghan of Meghan's Mindless Mutterings, do declare, I can not stand Nutella!!! I will give you all a minute to recoup and let it sink it.It's true.I can not stomach it.I remember when I first tried it.Took a big ole honkin spoonful and like to die.The chocolate is not what does it, it's the disgusting hazelnut they add to.Just keep the hazelnut out and everything will be yummy in the tummy.My grandfather used to love those Ferrare Roche candies.YUCK!Again, hazelnut.So tell me, is there something the world is nuts about and you just can not stand? ...more

Doing Dishes: Men vs. Women

Bobster did the dishes the other night. Usually this falls to the 15yo boy, who thinks as long as they are done by the next morning, everything is a-okay. Oh, so not true ....more

Sunday Confession

My first confession for this week is I have just not been myself.Lots of problems going on in the personal, not blog, life. I read a quote today, though, that lets me know everything will work out the way it's supposed to.Now onto the real confession of the week.Back in the beginning of the internet...waaaaaaaaaaaay back then, I met a guy via AOL chat, gave him my number after a few chats, got to talking and flew to Florida to meet him.Now before you gasp, I wasn't alone.I went with my girlfriend and we stayed at our other girlfriend's house who was married to a guy from Florida at the time.So we met.We hung.We stayed at my friends house for the week.We parted ways.A month later, we went our separate ways.Lesson not learned, I then met another whiptedoo on the net.Drove with my friend, Megan, to the restaurant where he was playing guitar.This one worked out...well I thought it did.We got married.Yep.Then he decided he wanted a divorce because well, being married put a damper on his dating life.So about 3 months after being separated, my good friend, Kathy, decided to fix me up on a blind date.That blind date was Bobster.I think about 3 weeks after we met, he moved in.A year to the day I met him, Cheeks was due. ...more

Sunday Confessions

Another Sunday.Another Confession.This weeks involves a celebrity.No, not Tom Hiddleston.I am extremely open about my obsession with him....more

When is it...

Seriously...when do you share to much on social media?It's in our face. 24/7....more

Sunday Confessions

My sister will never forgive me when she reads this...but I am Disney'd out.No matter how cute this kid looks in his Pirate Ears. He looks good doesn't he?YES he does!Anyway, I had a fabulous time on our trip....more

What? 3rd grade?

How did this happen?When did this baby grow up to be 8yrs old & in third grade? I guess since today.He started third grade.I remember third grade like it was yesterday.Seriously.Although sadly it was many, many moons ago.Talking like mid 70's peeps.Anywho, I got him up early because he will be attending before school care this year.I was taking him today but I wanted him up!He kept coming in the room, going "Can we go?"Finally I told him "Look I know you are excited!"He cuts me off & goes "It's not that.""Well what is it?"He actually said to me "I just wanna get it over with".Yes, my little scholar hates school.He says all they day is listen & write, write & listen.Today was only a half day so his father picked him up.His dad told me, Cheeks came home, grabbed some marshmallows, went upstairs and took a nap.Guess school tuckered him out.Well stay tuned to see what shenanigans third grade brings this household this year! ...more

Sunday Confessional: I Loathe Masks

Yes.I am bah humbug when it comes to masks.Even when my own children wear them...nope, don't like them.Never have, never will.I don't like the sense of not knowing who is behind them.Even cutesy masks...not a fan.However I don't mind Disney characters....more

Sunday Confessions

I thought I would start a new feature on the bloggeroo.I will do it every Sunday.I am going to do confessions....more

Book #9 of 2015: The Book of You by Claire Kendal

Another day, another book review. I was fortunate enough to win this book from Sweeps4Bloggers…if you haven’t visited that website, you need to run....more